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10 Things About Michael

Dr. Michael Horn, Chicago Surgeon, Chicago Blogger, Plastic surgery

10 Things About Michael

Michael is a well-known and highly respected plastic surgeon in downtown Chicago. Though he has a very busy schedule he somehow manages to always find time for family. He has a very outgoing personality and makes new friends everywhere we go. If he isn’t dancing to Justin Bieber or singing along to Taylor Swift he is planning our next escape to somewhere warm.

  1. Michael is originally from Miami, Florida. He moved here in high school and has been a Chicago resident ever since! However, he still has a Florida drivers license (denial of the move).
  2. He has two sisters, one older and one younger.
  3. Michael’s life would be complete if we wore matching outfits everyday. Or at least color coordinated. No joke.
  4. His favorite dessert is the pear charlotte cake from OakMill bakery. I am confident he would eat an entire one by himself if no one was there to judge him
  5. Michael has competed in the Chicago triathlon for 12years
  6. His favorite activity is swimming. He has a pool installed on the roof of our garage which he keeps heated year round to get his laps in.
  7. Michael is a huge foodie. He tries to go to Alinea every year for his birthday and is his happiest self after a great meal (with wine pairings).
  8. Michael studied abroad in Scotland and lived there for 10months. He loved every minute and hopes to return one day.
  9. Michael laughs hardest at his own jokes. He often has difficulty finishing a funny punch line or story because he is already laughing. At himself. Really hard. Sometimes there are tears. Its amazing.
  10. Michael has accomplished a lot to be proud of for one lifetime but his biggest blessing, he says, is our son.






  1. Lora
    June 21, 2018 / 12:46 am

    I am from Decatur. Went to High School with your mom though I am a year younger😀. What GREAT times we had…I live in Vail CO and have been an OR nurse since 1981😳😷…. I love your travel stories and Michael is my man when I have rejuvenation to my face!!!

    • JillianHorn
      June 22, 2018 / 5:59 pm

      What a small world! So glad you reached out. My mom sends her best and Michael is definitely my top go to guy for anything 😉 haha We have a few fun trips coming up but I don’t think I’ve ever been to Vail… adding it to my list now!

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