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2020 Gift Guide for Her

2020 Gift Guide for Her

Better late than never am I right? My goal for the week is to try and get a ‘his’ gift guide and a kids one up for you as well. I know that Christmas is RIGHT around the corner but I’m hoping all my fellow last minute shoppers will appreciate these gift guides! I’m not sure how Christmas has approached so quickly but then again I say that every year. I think the fact that I JUST moved and have no holiday decor up yet isn’t helping. I’m hoping to get started on that this upcoming weekend but we shall see. Any who, I’ve assembled some good gift ideas for you ladies to get your fellas… and ladies you can send this link to your fellas because lets be serious… how many guys out there are searching my blog for ideas Happy Holiday’s !! I basically have combined my 2018 & 2019 gift guides to come up with the (insert dramatic music) Ultimate 2020 Gift Guide. Woohoo!

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gifts for her, gift guide, holiday gift ideas, holiday gift guides, holiday ideas, holiday shopping, mommy and me, family gift guides, holiday, holiday outfits, holiday looks, holiday fashion, family photos

gifts for her, gift guide, holiday gift ideas, holiday gift guides, holiday ideas, holiday shopping, mommy and me, family gift guides, holiday, holiday outfits, holiday looks, holiday fashion, family photos


Gift Guide for Her:

1. Facial Gift Card . I get a ton of compliments on my skin (all of which I appreciate!) but I work hard to keep my skin happy and healthy! I cannot recommend finding a good esthetician and doing the same anymore highly. I use to NEVER leave the house without makeup on and now I absolutely love being able to walk out the door without spending all morning ‘getting ready.’ The only place I go to for facials is The Dr. Michael Horn MedSpa (DUH 😆). They have made my skin completely different, in the best way possible, over the years!

2. Naked Cashmere. I would live in anything from this place… head to toe. All of their pieces are beautiful and beyond comfortable. I am obsessed with this cardigan, especially during these colder months. It comes it so many beautiful neutral colors so you can pair it with anything.

3. Barefoot Dreams. I’ve never wrapped myself in a cloud but I would assume that this is what it would feel like. Not only is this robe my favorite but the kids and I love to cuddle with the blanket as well. I recently found a ‘baby version’ of the blanket and ordered it for baby sister! Very excited.

4. Ugg. It may be because I love comfy in general or because I have a dog that constantly needs to go outside but I love slippers and/or moccasins for these cold winter days! Being able to slide my foot into something fluffy is all I currently need in life. I run errands, drive Grey to school and take the dog out in these moccasins on the daily. Love Love Love. Plus, they keep your feet warm with all that lining!

5. Candles. I feel like you just can’t go wrong with a good candle. Especially around the holidays when they have amazing scents out! These two brands are my all time favorite! They smell great and will burn forever.

6. Silk Sleep Set. This is something I always recommend. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can really help decrease those morning wrinkles. I also find that since I am a side sleeper that sleeping with the mask helps protect my lashes! I would wake up and just one side would be thinning haha… not a great look!

7. Vest. I love a good vest =) I shared this one with the faux fur collar last year and it sold it fast. It’s currently on sale, also! There are so many ways to wear a fast… to run errands, to the gym, with a leather jacket under it, ect.. The faux fur feature is amazing and adds a little something extra fun! Any of these can be dressed up or dressed down.

8. Pajamas. Who doesn’t need good set of pajamas. These are great because the material doesn’t get hot at night and they come in long sleeve and short sleeve versions as well! There are plain patterns or floral ones so you have lots of options to pick from which it great. I’m also including my favorite brand from Target. They are so comfortable, affordable and options galore. Can’t go wrong with any of these!

9. Leggings. Summer or winter I basically live in leggings. I definitely have my favorite brands for working out but some of these are great just for running around or chasing children everywhere. There are fun patterns that you can wear and pair with … oh I don’t know. The vest from #7? haha… just throwing it out there! My favorite brands are Zella, Spanx, Alo and Good American! All linked below

10. Sunglasses. This is subject that I go back and forth on. I hate spending a lot on sunglasses because I feel like I always damage or lose them. However, I’ve gotten better and I feel that there is definite benefit (sometimes) to investing in a good pair. I have a couple new pairs that are nice that would make great gifts and then my all time favorite brand, Quay, is always a great place for affordable but adorable shades! The Giant tortoise ones I live in and actually them own in multiple colors.

11. Winter Boots. There are a TON of cute and trendy winter snow boots out! The two pairs I wear constantly are both back and fully restocked this year =) They are warm, water resistant and look cute! I also love my ‘tall’ boots for when I need the extra coverage from deep snow or extra warmth. Linking all the options and each one is a great choice!

12. Jade Roller Set. I’ve loved these for a while now and still continue to use them! Make sure to keep them in your fridge for that extra level of effectiveness!

13. Sneakers. I just love sneakers and I think they get cuter and more comfy every yera! I’ve always been drawn to APL brand but Nike and Adidas are really stepping up the design game lately. Either way you can’t go wrong and it makes for a perfect holiday gift.

14. Fleece. There is nothing that I wear more than my fleece sweaters. They are extra warm, cute, and go with jeans, sweats or leggings. Toss one on and you are ready to head out the door.

15. I honestly LIVE in my Cozy Earth jogger set. Their bedding and PJ’s are also a must! I can’t even explain how soft the material is but I promise you’ll love it. The bedding is one of Oprah’s favorite things …just saying. I have a 50% OFF code (which I’ll also link below) ‘JILLIAN50’ for anything on their website. Highly recommend!

16. Booties. Another perfect holiday gift is a great pair of booties. They can be paired with so many looks (skirts, jeans, leggings, dresses, ect…) and are great for helping dress up a fun holiday look! For us Chicago folk booties are worn a lot more than sandals so you can never have enough.

17. Packing Cubes. We travel as much as we can (aside from Covid) and these have been a LIFESAVER. I have a set and each of the kids have a set. Everyone has their own color and that way we can squeeze into one suitcase. I also pack the kids ‘outfits’ together in the cubes so that way if Michael is getting them dressed on vacation he knows what goes together. Its such a space saver! I’m linking my exact ones which comes in a ton of color options. I also recently bought this carry on bag and am LOVING it for the kids things. It has great color options and a front pocket for my computer.


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