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2020 Gift Guide for Him

2020 Gift Guide for Him

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gift guide 2020, gifts for him, gift ideas, gift ideas for him, holiday ideas, holiday gifts, husband and wife, holiday gift guides

gift guide 2020, gifts for him, gift ideas, gift ideas for him, holiday ideas, holiday gifts, husband and wife, holiday gift guides

1. Tie Hook. Michael had these installed when we had our closet redone and its such a nice space saver. It also allows him to see which ties he has since they can get piled up on top of each other. This particular one, like the one we have, pulls out from the side of the cabinet… a really nice feature!


2. APL Shoes. I suggested these for her so why not for him! A great shoe with a ton of different color and pattern options.



3. Travel Map. I bought this for Michael years ago and its still a big hit. People love to look at it when they come to the house and Michael and I love adding a new pin after trips. You can customize it also and add your name and year at the bottom for an extra something special.


4. Turkey Deep Frier. I had a TON of questions about this when I shared it for Thanksgiving. For years Michael stood outside (and froze) making a deep fried turkey every year. We LOVE to do our turkey’s this way because the flavor is amazing, it take less than an hour and then the oven is free for all the sides to cook. This is a great option for getting the perfect deep fried turkey and not freezing out in the Chicago weather.

5. Shoes. Michael has a ton of ‘fancy’ shoes for work and then a bunch of sneakers for his workouts so I try to find him good in-between shoes like these! They are great for travel or just for being out and about!

6. Sweaters. For Chicago weather can one really ever have too many sweaters? I feel like these are great to throw on with jeans or you can dress them up! These colors are great and the material is very soft… win win!

7. Packing Cubes. Once again I cannot stress enough how much we use packing cubes. They really help squeeze everything in and I love landing somewhere and having all of our outfits sorted and ready to go! This is great for his swimsuits and t-shirts when we are traveling back and forth to Florida.

8. Speaker. Michael LOVES to listen to music. I am a big TV person and I don’t think he would ever turn one on if I wasn’t home. All he needs is some background music and he is set. This little Bose speaker is compact, which is great for travel, and has great sound!


9. Jacket. Since Michael wears a suit six out of seven days he has several ‘nice’ work coats. These are great for everything else 😆 ! Warm and light weight these are great to toss on with a new nice sweater listed in #6

10. Bose Headphones. Even with all the buzz over the new wireless teeny tiny ear phones I think for flying the Bose headphones are still a must have. They are great to take out that extra plane noise, they stay put and are easier to find in your travel bag.

11. Oculus Go. This is just fun. I got this last year and its still fun to sit and play a zombie game on or watch tv and act like you are there with them haha… Its great if you and the hubs want to watch different things also!


12. Winter Boots. A must in Chicago. However, theres a difference between a boot to walk the dogs in and a ‘nice’ snow boot to wear out to dinner!

13. Travel Bag. They make great quality weekend bags or carryon bags with a separate shoe compartment on the bottom so your clean clothes don’t get dirty! Love that.

14. Beard Kit. You can pair all of these items up or get 1 or 2 and make a fun ‘kit’ for your bearded fella!

15. Grilling Set. My husband isn’t much of a cook but he LOVES to grill in the summer. A custom grilling set is the perfect gift. Pick his favorite NFL team and you are set!

16. Fuego Kit. This little kit is the perfect go to gift and also great if you are doing a white elephant or secret Santa. I was never a hot sauce person but for some reason I started loving spicy things when I was pregnant (not a great mix) and it has stuck around ever since!

17. Ice Trays. Doc Horn LOVES these. It’s the little things haha. I got him the circular and square ones so he can get fancy with his holiday cocktails. It is also a fun little surprise for guests when you offer them a drink. Helps take your hosting skills to the next level 😆

18. Drone. I can’t explain or understand the love between man and drone but it is real and it is strong. We don’t use it a ton so I wouldn’t recommend a super expensive one until you see how often you are using it.

19. Cinemood. This thing is so fun for everyone in the family! Its a portable projector so you can have a movie night anywhere!


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