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5 Things I Do Everyday

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5 Things I Do Everyday

Besides the obvious things, like brush my teeth and feed my child, there are some daily rituals I have added into my routine that I think are making a big difference! I still have others I am working on but those, I am finding, are a bit tricky for me to tackle.   

A lot of daily routine are things I started doing when I was pregnant with Greyson and I just kept up with them ever since. 

  1. Drink a large glass of celery juice 

Since I don’t drink caffeine while pregnant I was looking for anyway to get some natural energy. I came across the celery juice in the morning information and thought …sure why not?! Michael makes me a glass everyday before he leaves for work. It might be placebo effect but it really helped during my last pregnancy with hydration, energy levels and my skin. The tricky part for me is waiting 30min. after you drink it to eat. I wake up starving. 

     2. Get dressed and ready before Grey is up 

I am not a morning person, by any means. I’m not a night owl either. I’d say I really thrive between 11-4 😆 Any who, after many trial and error days I have come to the conclusion that if I am not fully dressed and ready when I go in to get up, we are going to be late. 

     3. Drink a minimum of 2L of water

This once again, goes back to being pregnant. Since I wasn’t having caffeine I would get horrible headaches. The only way to help keeps those at bay was water. Tons and tons of water. It’s always great for the baby during pregnancy and great for your milk supply if breastfeeding. Oh it also is great for your skin. Listen, just drink a crap ton of water 😆 .

      4. Pull an outfit for the next day

As we have already discussed, I hate mornings. I wish I didn’t. One of my best friends (shoutout to Michelle) is that person whose alarm goes off once and she’s up starting her day. Ridiculous right? I have tried everything and have finally just come to the conclusion that mornings aren’t for me. That’s being said, I need to prep as much the night before as possible. I’ve learned that if I don’t pull an outfit I will spend the day in workout gear or sweat pants. 

      5. Lavender essential oil diffuser + friends for my bedtime ritual  

The day I find out I’m pregnant, insomnia kicks in and stays for what feels like forever. I would just lay there and watch Netflix all night averaging 4hours a night. I’m scared to take anything while pregnant so I started looking into other options. Insert oil diffuser and comfort television. I keep the diffuser on my nightstand, add a couple drops of lavender, and off to sleep I go (hopefully). 

What are some of your daily routines? =) 

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  1. Kate
    March 25, 2019 / 8:13 pm

    I love to do personal development, whether it be reading or listening to audiobooks. I also have a cup of coffee (thanks to my programmable coffee maker) it’s ready for me at 4:30am with my favorite caramel coconut coffee creamer. And, I enjoy working out before work- so anywhere from 5/5:30 I try and get to the gym. I’m a full time nanny working roughly 50-55 hours a week; so I have to be diligent in making time for myself

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