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Five Things I Learned From Greyson

Five Things I Learned From Greyson

The second I knew I was expecting Grey I knew my life was about to change, for the better, I just had no idea how much. This little guy has really made life more fulfilling and exciting than I could’ve ever imagined. Those little brown eyes make me look at things in a new way

  1. Patience

When you are communicating with a new born, now toddler, you learn a whole new level of patience. You can say “please stop screaming” till your blue in the face but 1. they don’t know what you’re saying 2. they don’t care. You quickly learn to dig deep and discover a new understanding of patience than you ever knew you had. With that being said I feel like that patience carries over into your daily routine and personally, has made me a better person in a lot of ways.

     2. To Say No

I will be the first to admit that I love to people please. Someone invites me to something and I’m exhausted and have a million things to do around the house… I’m still going. However, I have learned that its okay to say no. Its okay to stay home and rest. Its okay to take me time. It’s okay to not make everyone happy all the time. Grey, and Michael, come first so if I want to just lay around at home and spend time with them than thats exactly what I’ll do. I think this is a mixture of motherhood and just general maturing to understand that it doesn’t make you a bad friend to not make every dinner or every event. You can, respectfully, say no to things and take that time with your family or for yourself.

3. Big Picture

Sitting back and looking at the big picture is huge. For me and my family, personally, health has taken a front and center priority. I was always very sensitive so I would see my ‘friends’ doing things without me and my feelings would get hurt. Or I would get stressed over the smallest of things. I mean SMALLEST of things. Now I try to really look at the whole situation, the big picture. Is my family okay? Is my son happy and healthy? Yes… then I’m good! Having a tiny human that you are responsible for has a way of shifting how you look at things. So does age lol

4. Be Kind

With all the horrible bullying issues you hear about in the school system these days it is so important to me that Greyson, and any future children we have, are kind. Its such a simple thing, if taught young, that can truly make a world of difference in others life’s. With that being said kids learn best by example. I TRY, but am far from perfect, to develop habits that will let Greyson see that kindness is important. Its meaningful.

5. Tomorrow’s Another Day

A lot of days home with little man don’t go as planned. Sometimes I get my whole “to do list” accomplished and am living on cloud nine. Others, it all goes out the window and we rock jammies all day. I use to really beat myself up on those days. However, every time I would realize that those memories I made that day with little man are better than any errand I could’ve run and tomorrow is just as good to pick up the dry cleaning. I had to learn that the day was not a ‘fail’.

To be honest I feel like as far as parenting goes I am tested and learning something almost daily. However, I have shifted my outlook to embrace and welcome those lessons. I might be his mom and my ‘job’ might be to teach and led him but my favorite days or moments, are when I learn to look at something or feel something from a different perspective all because of him.

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  1. October 30, 2018 / 10:40 am

    I love this post Jillian! So good and you are the best momma

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