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Big Mac Salad and All Things Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings  This is a very popular questions I get asked all the time. I will say with all three pregnancies I never had any ‘weird’ cravings. Just certain things were my constant go to! With Grey I wanted anything…


Baby Sisters Nursery

Baby Sisters Nursery I have had a TON of questions about baby sisters nursery so I wanted to get this up for you all! I am still waiting on a few items (they’ve ‘lost’ my rug… twice) but overall it…


All Things Hair

All Things Hair Let’s chat all things related to hair. I have no idea why I haven’t done this blog sooner since this is VERY common question I receive but I’m doing it now. I’ve had extensions for probably 10…


Pregnancy Comforts

Pregnancy Comforts So here I am. Super big. Super grateful. Super excited. Super uncomfortable. Super over it haha… I get a lot of questions on things that can help with the end of pregnancy as far as swelling or overall…


Our Rainbow Girl’s Baby Shower

Our Rainbow Girl’s Baby Shower It’s been about a month since we had our AMAZING baby shower for our rainbow girl. I honestly went back and forth with the idea of doing any type of party. I had all the…


A Letter to ‘That Day’

That Day  I have had this blog written for almost a year. I just never had the strength to share it. However, after dealing with a flood of different emotions the closer we get to welcoming the baby girl I…


His & Her Holiday Gift Guides

His & Her Holiday Gift Guides Better late than never am I right? I know that Christmas is RIGHT around the corner but I’m hoping all my fellow last minute shoppers will appreciate these gift guides! I’m not sure how…


His & Her Camel Coat

His & Her Camel Coats Hi Friends! Happy Thursday! I’ve rounded up some amazing camel coat options for not only women but your fellas too! If you don’t have a good camel coat… you need. It goes with everything and…


Swissotel Chicago Staycation

  Swissotel Chicago Staycation A couple weeks back the family and I were gifted an amazing opportunity for a staycation at Swissotel Chicago! If you are not familiar with the hotel it is an award-winning luxury hotel conveniently located in…


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