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Britax One4Life

    Britax One4Life As you may have seen in my stories a while back we had a very exciting home visit! Britax sent out one of their expert installers so that the family and myself could learn all about…


Green Smoothie Pancakes

  Green Smoothie Pancakes  I posted that I’ve been making these yummy pancakes and there were a lot of requests for the recipe! I thought I’d leave it here so you can always come back and search it since stories…


Family Halloween Ideas

Family Halloween Ideas Happy Halloween Friends! I am a huge fan of, well any holiday 😆. I love themes and costumes so its no surprise that every year we have matching family costumes! However, I am NOT the DIY mom…


Rainbow Girl

Our Rainbow Girl  As many of your know yesterday was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. The upcoming holidays are also bringing up the one year anniversary of our loss. With all of these dates hanging over me I have…


Fall Booties

My Favorite Fall Booties  Fall is here and that means … booties! I would say its great to start with a good black bootie and a good neutral bootie. Once you own those then you can branch out into the…


Cauliflower Crust

  Homemade Cauliflower Crust If you can’t tell from the pictures Mr. Greyson and I are loving all things fall. We are trying to hit up as many fun fall activities as possible and someone has been learning all about…


Fighting for my Rainbow

Alright everyone. This isn’t my favorite blog to write but its my current reality so I thought I should share. As I’ve posted before when we returned from France my doctor discovered a subchorionic hematoma. Within six days the hematoma…


Traveling With A Baby/Toddler

Traveling With A Baby/Toddler One of the main questions I get every single time we travel is if I have any advice or trips for traveling with a baby or toddler? I wish I had some really simple solution that…


Early Pregnancy Favorites

  As much as I love being pregnant and seeing that positive result pop up on my home tests the first trimester and I have a weird relationship. Personally, it’s just a boring/frustrating time. I’m exhausted, nauseous, constantly bloated and…


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