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5 Things I’m Working On to Help Reduce Anxiety 

5 Things I’m Working On to Help Reduce Anxiety  So I have a pretty solid routine but there is always more I would love to add in. Someone once told me that if you can force yourself to do something…


Next Steps

Next Steps First off I had a lot of questions about my emergency surgery from Friday. I will try to do a quick explanation. When I was 8months pregnant I was diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome. The weight of the baby…


My Miscarriage Do’s & Don’ts

  My Miscarriage Do’s & Don’ts I want to start off by sharing everyone grieves different. Each person is unique and handles every situation in their own way.I am, by no means, a spokeswoman for miscarriage nor do I wish…


5 Things I Do Everyday

5 Things I Do Everyday Besides the obvious things, like brush my teeth and feed my child, there are some daily rituals I have added into my routine that I think are making a big difference! I still have others…


Big 3-0

Big 3-0 Now that my 31st birthday has come and gone I thought to myself… perhaps I should FINALLY share photos from my 30th! As grateful as I am to be celebrating another year I’m still not fully back to…


Spring/Summer Trends ’19

  Trends for Spring/Summer ’19 Alright everyone. I think slowly but surely we are getting closer and closer to SPRING! AHHHH! Could it be true? With that being said there are some exciting trends that I am loving for Spring/Summer…


Toddler Food Ideas

  Toddler Food Ideas  I’ve had a lot of requests for what I feed Grey or snack ideas for toddlers. He has days where he’ll eat anything I put in front of him and other days where the only option…


Girls Night Dining in Chicago

Girls Night Dining Alright all! Since my date night blog post was such a hit I thought why not do a sequel… ‘girls night dining!’ For these I tried to think of places that are a little less romantic and…


Date Night Dining in Chicago

    Date Night Dining in Chicago  First off, did you all love the date night throw back pics of Michael and I? Some of those are almost 5 years old and it makes me giggle looking at them. Awww…


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