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How I Dressed My Family for Disney

How I Dressed My Family for Disney My cousin, Maggie, recently got married in St. Augustine, FL (aka Greyson’s godparents). Since it was only about 1.5-2hr drive to Disney we decided to do a quick three day visit with Grey.…


Five Splurge Worthy Items 

Five Splurge Worthy Items For every season I think there are definitely some staple items that are worth investing in. I’m sharing my “splurge worthy items” for fall and winter! Keep in mind while you are reading this that I…


Bora Bora

Bora Bora Bora Bora- Worth the Hike? Where to Stay? What is there to do? Where to eat? I’m answering it all! =))) Michael and I have been to Bora Bora a couple times and always find ourselves saying “this…


Why I Love Halloween

Why I Love Halloween Holidays, in general, are my absolute favorite! I love to go as far out as possible. Finding decor and food that are specific for each one is always so fun. However, add in costume and dressing…


Five Things I Learned From Greyson

Five Things I Learned From Greyson The second I knew I was expecting Grey I knew my life was about to change, for the better, I just had no idea how much. This little guy has really made life more…


How I Style A Black Skirt 3 Ways

How I Style A Black Skirt 3 Ways       3 Different Ways I Style a Black Skirt First off, guess who got her computer back! Bam!! With that being said it is time to bring back to…


Favorite Fall Decor Finds

Favorite Fall Decor Finds I love Christmas decor a scary amount, mainly because it involves a giant 14foot tree that smells oh so delightful, but fall is a close runner up. I will say, I keep my fall decorations out…


My Favorite Fall Finds & Trends

My Favorite Fall Finds & Trends     Alright, so fall is my favorite season for a lot of reasons. I love fall recipes, fall activities, fall smells, fall decor and fall fashion. Bring on the layers! I’ve listed out…


Top Five Year End Goals 

Top Five Year End Goals Since it is already October (how did that happen!?) I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve before the year ends. What goals do I have for myself for what is left of 2018…


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