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Black Friday Sweater Sales!

Black Friday Sweater Sales!

The holidays are in full swing and so are the SALES =)))) I’ll try to do a full post of some of the different Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales that are happening this year but for this particular blog I’m sharing deals on everyones favorite piece of clothing… sweaters. There are big sales. On great sweaters. Yassss! During the colder months my daily go to is a sweater and jeans/leggings. All you need are a couple favorite/good ones that you can rotate through and BAM you’re set till summer.

Some of the sweaters I’m sharing are up to 60% off! I’ve linked a handful from Free People because a lot of those are my favorite/most comfortable!

I hope everyone has the best Thanksgiving and eats all the turkey and stuffing they can handle! I am so excited for days worth of leftovers =))) If you need me I’ll be posted on the couch till next week. JK I have to cook and decorate 😘 Here’s to hoping you don’t see us on the news as one of those deep frying a turkey goes wrong stories 👍🏼.

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