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A while back I used the Emsculpt machine at Michael’s office and it was AMAZING. It is recommended for either your ab area or booty …I decided to do my booty. First off… I would like to start this little…


Microneedling- with and without PRP A lot of people were asking questions about microneedling with PRP… aka ‘vampire facial’. I decided to not only do a blog about it to answer those questions buuuuuuut the office has decided to include…

Favorite Facials

Lets Talk Facials  In order, below, I am discussing green peels, silk peels, dermaplaning (with and without a peel), and standard customizable facials.  First up, the green peel. This little number has been a favorite of mine for years. It…


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Favorite Treatment Under $100

Favorite Treatment Under $100 Between being pregnant and breastfeeding there was a huge chunk of time were I wasn’t able to do much at the MedSpa. Simple facials here and there for maintenance but not much else. However, I am…

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