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Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

Alright so I had a ton of questions about my Christmas tree this year. I’m not a ‘crafty’ person so I was pleasantly surprised with how my tree turned out! This was my first year using ribbon throughout so I was just winging it and kinda worried I was going to ruin Christmas 😆… but really. I was a mess.

This year we got another real tree standing roughly 12ft tall. She’s a beaut but its definitely a love hate relationship. I usually let the tree hangout for a day or two before I begin to decorate. Let it ‘fall’ as they say, get to know her new home and feel a little more comfortable with the family. Then I decorate in the following order.

-Lights. I like to go heavy with the lighting. I do a row in near the truck followed by a row out on the limb to make the tree really glow at night.

-Ribbon. Once the lights are in place I started with the ribbon. The best advice I can give here is do not be afraid to cut your ribbon. Mine is all pieces. I don’t know if that’s right or not but it works.

-Ornaments. The fun/easy part! Plop on ornaments all the over the place to make it full and festive! I have SEVERAL different colors, size and shapes that I have accumulated over the years so I try to use a little of them all. They, for the most part, are all red and gold so this year I added in the black ornaments.

-Accessories. The indoor garland, GIANT gold flower things and tree toper twigs (thats what I’m calling them) are all from Michael’s (the store, not my husband). I found them in the fake flower section, brought them home and shoved them in the tree. Its nice because they flowers take up a big space if there’s a baldish spot on the tree.

TA DA! Fast forward 10hrs later, me almost falling off the ladder 18time, and my 47 snack breaks – finished tree! I also wanted to make sure my wrapping paper matched the tree. I didn’t almost break my leg multiple times to not have coordinated wrapping. I’m linking all of that below.

Like I stated at the beginning, I am not a crafty person but I think this little lady turned out quite nicely. The outdoor sled and ‘nice list’ were both custom ordered from Personalization Mall ! They have really cute and unique pieces. Also, a little tip for the indoor garland. I took two different sets, a lighter one and a darker one, wrapped them around each other and made one piece that has a little more color contrast in it! Happy Holidays Friends!


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