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Early Pregnancy Favorites

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As much as I love being pregnant and seeing that positive result pop up on my home tests the first trimester and I have a weird relationship. Personally, it’s just a boring/frustrating time. I’m exhausted, nauseous, constantly bloated and haven’t announced yet so no one even knows why I’m being lame and just not coming to anything anymore. It’s just all very blah. I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I do actually enjoy being pregnant. However, I like the bump. I like the kicks. I like the baby you get at the end 😆 The beginning for me is just hard. All of that being said, after three pregnancies I have found some tips and tricks to make it through those first few weeks of fun! Don’t worry, once I’m farther along I’ll do some blog posts on all the fun stuff like my favorite belly bands and snoogles 😉

– Doppler

I’ve used these with my past two pregnancies but this time around it means much more to me. Being pregnant again after the loss of our daughter is A LOT harder than I was expecting. I think I thought “oh I’ll be pregnant again and it will fix everything and I’ll be so happy and life will be great!” While I am over the moon to be pregnant I’m scared everyday. I worry everyday. My doctors have been AMAZING and allow me to go for weekly ultrasounds for my own sanity. This is doppler I just do a quick morning check in, hear my favorite sound ever, and then go about my day. It gets me going and keeps the thoughts at bay. Once I can feel baby move I won’t use this as much but until then I love hearing those beats ❤️!

(I do want to say that they don’t recommend dopplers for moms at home because they aren’t consistent early on and shouldn’t be use as a diagnostic tool. If your baby’s movements seem to have decreased or you just feel like something isn’t right EVEN if you hear the heartbeat always call your doctor)

– Smoothies

I never actually had ‘morning sickness’ with any of my pregnancies where I would actually get sick. I would/do get horribly nauseous and it usually causes me to lose my appetite. This time around it was with dinner. I would be fine with breakfast and lunch but come dinner I couldn’t eat anything. My little way around this was cold smoothies. I would still get lots of good fruits and veggies but in a form I could actually tolerate. I start with small sips and then after a bit am usually able to drink the whole thing. For convenience I have been using the Daily Harvest ones and I’ll usually add some almond butter and cinnamon.

– Book

I don’t know why but I am obsessed with this book. I think its so much fun! 😆 I’ve used it with all of my pregnancies and each time I just like it more and more. In those early few months so much is going on developmentally with baby that I love the feeling of doing whatever I can to help. This book gives you a ‘food of week’ based on whatever week of pregnancy you are in along with what is developing and why this food is beneficial. It also gives a suggested recipe if you are looking for ideas! For example, last my food of the week was quinoa. I added a little into my salads that week and BAM just helping babe out. I have both books I’ve linked below and love to get information from each. However, I go off of the ‘what to eat when you’re pregnant’ book for my weekly food.

– PreNatal Yoga

I haven’t been able to start yet with this pregnancy because I am not medically cleared but normally I love to start prenatal yoga as soon as possible. It really helps my body with the changes that are happening along with keeping my head clear. I have a membership at PreNatal Fit in Chicago and try to attend as many times a week as my schedule allows.

– Movement

This is very similar to the yoga one but I feel like walking everyday or some type  of movement is great for both baby and me. Once again, I haven’t been cleared for workouts but walking a little everyday has helped me stay fit, pass the days and keep my sanity.

– Comfort

Last but not least comfy items. I don’t have a full blown ‘bump’ just yet but I definitely have bloating in the evenings along with all day, shall we say tenderness in other areas -aka my boobs get puffy and hurt. I used these sports bras for nursing after I had Grey and I just absolutely love them. They are super comfy, come in a handful of colors and you can use them for nursing as well! Win win!


Outfit Details (exact dress on major sale)

Dress- Alice and Olivia

Purse & Earrings- Chanel 

Shoes- Jimmy Choo



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