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Favorite Facials

Lets Talk Facials 

In order, below, I am discussing green peels, silk peels, dermaplaning (with and without a peel), and standard customizable facials. 

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Jillian Horn, facials

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First up, the green peel. This little number has been a favorite of mine for years. It is a customizable herbal exfoliate that is made of all natural ingredients that come from the cactus family. With that being said don’t be surprised if the night after your treatment you lay down and feel like there are cactus needles in your face. Not as painful as it sounds but it definitely has a slight discomfort to it. However, I am willing to pay the price because the result is the top layers of dead skin shedding off your face. Bam! See ya 👋🏻 This particular facial is also great for anyone who has melasma. The peeling is the worst, I would say, on day 3-5 after the treatment. My face is usually red the whole rest of the day so I would recommend doing this on a week were your social calendar is light. The cost for this particular facial is $350 which included a take home kit from Lira of supplies/aftercare products.

Next up… dermal infusion or “silk peel/facial”. This is what I like to call a ‘lunchtime facial.’ Meaning it is completely pain free and requires no downtime. The products they use for this particular treatment go into the dermal level and it really helps with acne and/or hydration. This is definitely my summertime go to to help keep my skin hydrated and happy. The total cost for this is $250. You will leave glowing and your skin will feel great especially if you are a sun person all summer =) Its a nice little way to give back to your face for all those outdoor summer festivities.

dr. Michael Horn, Michael Horn Medspadr. Michael Horn, Chicago

Dermaplaning, with or without a peel, is always a great treatment and something I try to do regularly. The first time I tried it and saw all the little baby peach fuzz she scraped off I lost it… whyyyyyyy have I not been doing this for years!? Besides just not wanting the fuzz on my face it also is beneficial because those facial hairs can trap dirt and oils. It also helps to smooth out skin, reduce the appearance of acne scars, and diminish the look of fine lines. It works on all skin types and there is no downtime with instant results. Win Win! The cost of this is $90. Yes, thats right… $90! Often times clients like to add on a peel with their dermaplaning treatment. If you decide to go with an add on the cost bumps up to around $150, depending on the peel you use.

When I was pregnant I wanted to make sure and be extra safe so I would only come in, every now and then, for a good ol regular facial. No peels or infusions or anything fun and fancy. With that being said a ‘standard’ customizable facial is a great thing to do for maintaining healthy skin and keeping it happy! I know there are Groupons and deals all over the city for ‘cheap’ facials but sometimes the products being used can do more harm than good. The facials here are not only BEYOND relaxing but they only use medical grade products that are customized for your particular skin type needs. The average cost is $150 but can fluctuate depending on add ons that you made use. These can also be done as a ‘lunchtime facial’ since there is no pain or recovery needed. Just pure relaxation.


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