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Favorite Fall Decor Finds

Favorite Fall Decor Finds

I love Christmas decor a scary amount, mainly because it involves a giant 14foot tree that smells oh so delightful, but fall is a close runner up. I will say, I keep my fall decorations out the longest. I usually start in September and keep them till the first week of December. I add the Halloween stuff in there but always keep the fall stuff out with it.

I am well aware that a lot of people, and a lot of my close friends, actually put their Christmas stuff out much earlier. However, let’s not rush the seasons here folks. Since we get a real tree every year I can’t put mine up too early or it will be dead by Christmas morning. Therefore, I usually leave my fall stuff till the week after thanksgiving. Then, game on. Christmas decor on every inch of my house. Bust out the holiday alpacas!

For fall this year I went pretty simple with my decorations. With that being said I have a small front porch so I tried to utilize all the space I have. If you have a larger space you can add more or larger pumpkins along with more mums. Mums are my FAVORITE fall flower and really add a little something extra. They come in a ton of gorgeous colors but I always go with white. Have you read my blog on fall fashion trends? Two of this years listed trends were plaid and mustard. I tried to incorporate this into the interior with my decor by bringing in the plaid table runner with the mustard placemats. I ran the garland along top the runner and placed pumpkins to add a little something. There are great priced cloth pumpkins listed below that you could also use! This is a great center piece for Thanksgiving dinner.

My go to places are target, etsy and Michael’s. Michael’s has great priced wreaths for every holiday! I’ve listed a few for fall below. With thanksgiving approaching there is still plenty of time to get goo use out of these simple fall decor pieces. They are budget friendly and really add a fun little something to your home! Happy shopping friends!



Michael’s Wreath Options:

Pinecone Wreath

Leaf & Berry Wreath

Pumpkin Wreath


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