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Five Splurge Worthy Items 

Five Splurge Worthy Items

For every season I think there are definitely some staple items that are worth investing in. I’m sharing my “splurge worthy items” for fall and winter! Keep in mind while you are reading this that I live in Chicago. If you are in Miami I might not recommend a heavy duty boot and coat 💁🏼‍♀️. However, whatever floats your boat! The top five things I think worth investing in for fall and winter are totes, boots, sweaters, leather jacket and coats. Below I am linking options of each category from all price points and explaining why these staple pieces are worth the splurge.

1. A large purse/tote. In the summer I am all about small bags. However, the second it’s cold I switch to larger sized bags. It’s nice to have all that extra space to store your hat and scarf! I feel like the colder months in general come with so much more gear so it’s nice to have a larger sized tote. I found a great one by Gucci this season that is brown and black so it can go with any outfit. That being said I also found a tan one at Nordstrom for under $50 that I use just as much! I’ll link them both along with some similar options!


2. Boots are a must have for the colder seasons in Chicago. I will be the first to admit that for running around and doing errands on a cold day I toss on my old school yet very reliable Ugg’s. However, when Chicago is in full winter swing and has several inches of snow on the ground I need something a little heavier. Insert Sorel’s. They are pricing but worth it. I have two pairs with one being more of a wedge and the other a pretty standard snow boot. For this year, I also invested in a new pair from Marc Fisher that are warm and, well, super cute!

3. Sweaters are all I live in once the weather starts to get cold. Depending on the occasion I like to have options of “nice” sweaters and simple warm/cozy ones. A couple sweaters are worth investing in since the cold months in Chicago usually outweigh the warm. This way I can go to a nice dinner and still be comfy and warm. With that being said I’ve linked all price spectrums below including one of my favorites from express- the fleece pullover. I may or may not have this is three colors.

4. A good leather jacket is all I live in for fall. I’ve had the same favorite one from BlankNYC for a couple years now and it holds up great! I can pair it with anything and its just the right amount of warmth for the beginning of fall. One good jacket can last a long time so make sure to try a few on and really pick one you love. A few of the ones Ive linked below on are sale!

5. Coats for every type of occasion are something I’ve recently started investing in. I use to be a die hard north face girl because 1. they are warm 2. I could buy the children’s size for half the price 3. they were long for extra warmth. However, I’ve started branching out. My go to daily winter coat is Rudsak. Its INCREDIBLY warm, form fitting, gorgeous and covers my bum for that extra warmth. For the occasionally fancy holiday party I recently purchased a go big or go home coat from Fendi. It is my first really “nice” coat and to help myself sleep at night I like to consider it more of an investment. The point behind the purchase is that it is nice to have something stylish, long and warm to wear to nice events during the winter months. That being said the wool coat from JCrew I’ve linked below is also amazing and can be worn to any type of occasion! It comes in a ton of colors, I purchased the grey, and has petite sizing available for a great fit. Lastly, the camo jacket below is also new item for me and it is SUPER warm (and fun!). I’m linking ranges of similar coats below =)


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