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Dr. Michael Horn, Med Spa, Chicago beauty

Dr. Michael Horn, Jillian Horn

I think we all know I am skincare obsessed. Since I had horrible skin the first few years of my twenties I worked really hard to get it to where it is now and I only try to use products that will keep it happy and healthy.

For this post I am sharing the products I use most often/my daily go to’s.

Hair Products:

Dry Shampoo

Ouai Dry Shampoo

Volume/Texture Spray

I get blowouts at goldplaited roughly twice a week so to hold me over I rely on dry shampoo. I’ve tried a ton of brands and found two that I like and use regularly. My main go to is Living Proof because it doesn’t leave a weird white residue, it has no funky smell and it really works. Another good one is the Ouai dry shampoo. However, Michael hates the smell of this one. I first started using their foam version and was confused at first but it works great! Another great go to one is the volume blast by Living Proof. I don’t use both, its an either or situation. The volume blast, in my opinion, not only gets you that extra fluff but works as a dry shampoo also. I buy this in the travel size and use it for travel.

Real quick while we are chatting Hair…I get a lot of questions about my curls. When I get my blowouts I usually request a large barrel iron. I have one at home I use for touch ups. I’ll link it. I just take large chunks of hair and curl away from my face.

Self Tanning Products:

Facial Tanner

Bronzing Body Mousse

Anytime I would use a tanning product on my face I would immediately get horrible breakouts within 24hrs of using it. Drove me nuts. In general I try to leave my face alone BUT it gets really awkward to have a tan body and pale face. I’ve used this product for a while now and have been happy! I don’t do it everyday but if we have something, for example, going on Friday I’ll use once a day on Wednesday and Thursday to get a little glow. I mix two drops in with my facial moisturizer and it gives just the amount of color I’m looking for, without that orange tint.

I’m use to being a sun person but ever since I’ve had little man we live in the shade. With that being said I started trying out self tanners. I don’t use them regularly but when I do this is the only one I use. I shower, apply my lotion, apply the tanner. A lot of times I only do my legs or arms (don’t judge). However, i can never apply this to my face. I tried once and broke out …bad. Never again. Okay fine, I tried again. Same thing happened. The color from this product is great! Never orange and usually just one application and I achieve what I am going for. No weird smells and I’ve never had big issues with it rubbing off onto clothing. Lots of wins!

Makeup Products:


La Prairie Foundation

Contour Kit

Eye Radiant



During the week if I’m running errands or doing things with little man I rarely wear makeup but when I do I prefer something with a light coverage. I love the Lira foundation products because they are medical grade, meaning they will make my skin happy while giving me some coverage. I mix it in with my moisturizer and off go. I linked one that you can purchase from Amazon but it is also sold at Michael’s office downtown (60 E. Delaware 15th floor) if you want to get it there and you can match your shade perfectly.

At night, if I didn’t have my makeup done, or when we travel I sometimes want a little more coverage. For this I use the La Prairie foundation. It doesn’t break me out or leave me with that cakey appearance that some foundations have. Its very light and has a built in concealer with it… two for one! Once this is on I apply my contour kit, under eye radiant cream,  and mascara. Thats about as crazy as I get. Sometimes if I’m feeling frisky I throw on some blush! Let me know if you try any of the products and your thoughts! Winter is coming so long live the sunless tanner =)


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