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His & Her Holiday Gift Guides

His & Her Holiday Gift Guides

Better late than never am I right? I know that Christmas is RIGHT around the corner but I’m hoping all my fellow last minute shoppers will appreciate these gift guides! I’m not sure how Christmas has approached so quickly but then again I say that every year. I think the fact that I am currently sitting in Key West typing this doesn’t help me realize how close the holiday is. It’s weird to feel the ‘Christmas Spirit’ in 80 degree weather. NOT that I am complaining. We leave tomorrow and will be back in the lovely 20 degree temps before we know it. Any who, I’ve assembled some good gift ideas for you ladies to get your fellas… and ladies you can send this link to your fellas because lets be serious… how many guys out there are searching my blog for ideas hahaha. Happy Holiday’s !!

his and her gift guides, holiday gift ideas, gift guide, Christmas gift ideas, gifts for him, gifts for her, Chicago blogger, travel blogger, mom blogger, mommy blogger, motherhood blog

his and her gift guides, holiday gift ideas, gift guide, Christmas gift ideas, gifts for him, gifts for her, Chicago blogger, travel blogger, mom blogger, mommy blogger, motherhood blog

his and her gift guides, holiday gift ideas, gift guide, Christmas gift ideas, gifts for him, gifts for her, Chicago blogger, travel blogger, mom blogger, mommy blogger, motherhood blog


1. Facial Gift Card . I get a ton of compliments on my skin (all of which I appreciate!) but I work hard to keep my skin happy and healthy! I cannot recommend finding a good esthetician and doing the same anymore highly. I use to NEVER leave the house without makeup on and now I absolutely love being able to walk out the door without spending all morning ‘getting ready.’ The only place I go to for facials is The Dr. Michael Horn MedSpa (DUH 😆). They have made my skin completely different, in the best way possible, over the years!

2. Naked Cashmere. I would live in anything from this place… head to toe. All of their pieces are beautiful and beyond comfortable. I am obsessed with this cardigan, especially during these colder months. It comes it so many beautiful neutral colors so you can pair it with anything.

3. Barefoot Dreams. I’ve never wrapped myself in a cloud but I would assume that this is what it would feel like. Not only is this robe my favorite but Grey and I love to cuddle with the blanket as well. I recently found a ‘baby version’ of the blanket and ordered it for baby sister! Very excited.

4. Ugg. It may be because I love comfy in general or because I’m 7months pregnant but I love slippers and/or moccasins for these cold winter days! Being able to slide my foot into something fluffy is all I currently need in life. I run errands and go to yoga in these moccasins on the daily. Love Love Love. Plus, they keep your feet warm with all that lining!

5. Candles. I feel like you just can’t go wrong with a good candle. Especially around the holidays when they have amazing scents out! These two brands are my all time favorite! They smell great and will burn forever.

6. Silk Sleep Set. This is something I always recommend. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can really help decrease those morning wrinkles. I also find that since I am a side sleeper that sleeping with the mask helps protect my lashes! I would wake up and just one side would be thinning haha… not a great look!

7. Vest. I love a good vest and these are great because they look really expensive but won’t break the bank. Win Win. The faux fur feature is amazing and the star pattern is just fun! Either of these can be dressed up or dressed down and worn to gym.

8. Pajamas. Who doesn’t need good set of pajamas. These are great because the material doesn’t get hot at night and they come in long sleeve and short sleeve versions as well! There are plain patterns or floral ones so you have lots of options to pick from which it great.

9. Leggings. Pregnant or not pregnant I basically live in leggings. I definitely have my favorite brands for working out but some of these are great just for running around or chasing a two year old everywhere. There are fun patterns that you can wear and pair with … oh I don’t know. The vest from #7? haha… just throwing it out there!

10. Sunglasses. This is subject that I go back and forth on. I hate spending a lot on sunglasses because I feel like I always damage or lose them. However, I’ve gotten better and I feel that there is definite benefit (sometimes) to investing in a good pair. I have a couple new pairs that are nice that would make great gifts and then my all time favorite brand, Quay, is always a great place for affordable but adorable shades!

11. Winter Boots. There are a TON of cute and trendy winter snow boots out! The two pairs I purchased last year are both back and fully restocked this year. They are warm, water resistant and look cute! This year I also went with a taller Sorel boot since bending with a giant belly gets harder by the day 🤰! Linking all the options and each one is a great choice!

12. Jade Roller Set. I loved this before I was pregnant and even more so now. Some mornings I wake up and am so puffy so this makes all the difference. Or sometimes I watch a holiday movie while full of hormones and cry all night… jade roller to the rescue.

13. Sneakers. These are my favorite. They are slide on and come in the BEST color/print options. The leopard collection is newish and I love. They have gorgeous colors such as green and pink too which is a nice break from the basic black or white sneaker. They are really comfortable and are great to workout in! A perfect holiday gift choice.

14. Packing Cubes. We travel as much as we can and these have been a LIFESAVER. I have a set. Grey has a set. Each our own color and that way we can squeeze into one suitcase. I also pack his ‘outfits’ together in the cubes so that way if Michael is getting him dressed on vacation he knows what goes together. Its such a space saver! I’m linking my exact ones which comes in a ton of color options.


his and her gift guides, holiday gift ideas, gift guide, Christmas gift ideas, gifts for him, gifts for her, Chicago blogger, travel blogger, mom blogger, mommy blogger, motherhood blog



1. Tie Hook. Michael had these installed when we had our closet redone and its such a nice space saver. It also allows him to see which ties he has since they can get piled up on top of each other. This particular one, like the one we have, pulls out from the side of the cabinet… a really nice feature!

2. APL Shoes. I suggested these for her so why not for him! A great shoe with a ton of different color and pattern options.

3. Travel Map. I bought this for Michael years ago and its still a big hit. People love to look at it when they come to the house and Michael and I love adding a new pin after trips. You can customize it also and add your name and year at the bottom for an extra something special.

4. Inferno Grill. We love to grill in the summer and try to spend as much time outside as possible. Between the pool deck, our boat and the roof deck I started researching ‘portable’ grills and BAM.. discovered this!

5. Shoes. Michael has a ton of ‘fancy’ shoes for work and then a bunch of sneakers for his workouts so I try to find him good in-between shoes like these! They are great for travel or just for being out and about!

6. Sweater. This sweater is SUPER soft, comes in a ton of colors and is a great piece for any guy to have in his wardrobe!

7. Packing Cubes. Once again I cannot stress enough how much we use packing cubes. They really help squeeze everything in and I love landing somewhere and having all of our outfits sorted and ready to go!

8. Turntable. This is a super fun and affordable item that would be a great piece to add to any form of a ‘man cave.’

9. Northface. This piece is a great price point and comes in two color options. Perfect for running around in the winter months or for laying on those horrible Chicago winter days.

10. Bose Headphones. Even with all the buzz over the new wireless teeny tiny ear phones I think for flying the Bose headphones are still a must have. They are great to take out that extra plane noise, they stay put and are easier to find in your travel bag.

11. Oculus Go. This is just fun. I got this last year and its still fun to sit and play a zombie game on or watch tv and act like you are there with them haha… Its great if you and the hubs want to watch different things also!

12. Winter Boots. A must in Chicago. However, theres a difference between a boot to walk the dogs in and a ‘nice’ snow boot to wear out to dinner!

13. Travel Bag. They make great quality weekend bags or carryon bags with a separate shoe compartment on the bottom so your clean clothes don’t get dirty! Love that.

14. Beard Kit. You can pair all of these items up or get 1 or 2 and make a fun ‘kit’ for your bearded fella!



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