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His & Her Holiday Gift Guides

His & Her Holiday Gift Guides


With the holidays fast approaching I thought it was time to bust out the gift guides! I’m starting out with ‘his & hers’ ideas to get the shopping started!


  1. Robes! Sharing some of my favorite and more comfortable robes below! I was never a huge robe person but as of lately I am living in mine! If they’re good enough for Oprah’s favorite things they are good enough for me!
  2. Scarfs! But not the thin ones. I’m talking the giant fluffy blanket like ones. Those are my go to! There are so many cute color options as of lately and they keep you warm! Win Win
  3. Pajamas! The second it gets even a little cold out you can find me in my pajamas. I’ve shared some of my favorites before and am linking more below. I feel like this is always a safe purchase for ‘her’ especially if you travel for the holidays!
  4. Slippers! Oh I LOVE me some slippers on those cold winter mornings. I’m linking a couple options below but how much, and reasonably priced, are the cheetah print ones.
  5. Rose Quartz Facial Roller! If you didn’t know about these you do now annnnnnd you’re welcome. The roller helps tighten and brighten skin while decreasing any facial puffiness or inflammation. This one is my favorite since it is made of rose quartz, which is the ultimate beauty crystal! Keep it in your fridge or freezer and work this little guy into your daily beauty routine.
  6.  Booties! Not just any bootie though… fun holiday booties! Something with some animal print or glitter to really make any and all holiday outfits pop!
  7. Uggs! You are either a fan or you’re not but these are my favorite winter go to’s. Technically the ones I’m linking are called slippers but I wear them everywhere. They are so easy to leave by the door and throw on when I’m running little man to school. They are SO warm and easy to slip on and off!
  8. Fleece Pullover! I own this particular one in three or four colors and absolutely love it. Its the only one I’ve found that is also fleece on the inside so its extra cozy. I loved it when we were traveling because it was so easy to pump or breastfeed while wearing. Comfy sweaters in general are a must.
  9. Gym shoes! Can one ever have too many reliable pairs of gym shoes? I love the APL because they are cute and slide on. Great for the moms on the go.
  10. Silk Pillow Case! A gals best friend. This little wonder is anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head. Once again… you’re welcome!




  1. Pajamas! As much as guys might pretend they aren’t into jammies. They are! Who doesn’t love comfy sleepwear?!? These are great if you travel for the holidays and stay with family. Can’t have the hubs walking about pantless in front of the grandparents.
  2. Cufflinks! Even if your fella doesn’t wear a suit to work everyday these are still great to have for those special occasions where you get all dressed up. You can do his initials, your wedding date, kids names… anything you want! Think outside the box and make it unique for him.
  3. Grilling Set! My husband isn’t much of a cook but he LOVES to grill in the summer. A custom grilling set is the perfect gift. Pick his favorite NFL team and you are set!
  4. Bose Headphones! The BEST headphones by far. I’m linking the noise canceling ones along with the bluetooth pair to keep up with the forever changing iphones.
  5. Pullovers! Just like I have my favorite go to winter gear every guy needs something too! Early morning and he needs to walk the dogs? Pullover fleece! Is he running an errand for you and will be right back? Pullover fleece! Can’t go wrong.
  6. Sweatpants! The pair I’m linking is a favorite because they not only keep the hubs warm on those errand fulled winter days but they have tightened ankle so they don’t drag in the snow or mud while we are out. Perfection!
  7. Fuego Kit! This little kit is the perfect go to gift and also great if you are doing a white elephant or secret Santa.
  8. Boots! I’m linking a couple pairs that are the perfect ‘in between’ boot. Not huge giant snow boots but not completely flat that will get soaked and gross in the snow.
  9. Ice Trays! My hubs LOVES these. Its the little things haha. I got him the circular and square ones so he can get fancy with his holiday cocktails.
  10. Drone! I can’t explain or understand the love between man and drone but it is real and it is strong.

Happy Holidays!


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