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How I Dressed My Family for Disney

How I Dressed My Family for Disney

My cousin, Maggie, recently got married in St. Augustine, FL (aka Greyson’s godparents). Since it was only about 1.5-2hr drive to Disney we decided to do a quick three day visit with Grey. My big bucket list trip is a safari and Africa but between Greyson and zika it has been put on the back burner. That being said Michael thought a trip to animal kingdom might help fulfill some of those safari dreams. Hence why we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Really trying to rack in as much of the experience as I could.

Disney is a Horn family favorite! And by that I mean Michael and I are obsessed with Disney! However, Michael takes it to a whole new level. He was waking up early and waiting in line at parks for rope drop (when they open the parks first thing in the morning). It really brings out the big kid in him 😆. There are lots of options when it comes to the Disney experience these days. There are VIP guides, fast passes, and phone apps that are all options. Since we did a quick visit and Greyson was only 14months we didn’t go too crazy. Michael was the king of fast passes and had them all ready and waiting three months before the trip. Yup, three months #dedication. We utilized the free shuttles that go from the hotel to all the parks, and dined either at the hotel or the actual parks themselves (not my favorite meals).

The one thing that was completely on point and/or slightly over the top was our Disney themed outfits/gear! Since we were there for ‘Mickey’s not to scary halloween party’ I wanted a costume for Grey but didn’t want anything crazy because it was so warm during the day. Insert the cutest Prince Charming shirt. I’m listing everything below and giving all items a 5 out of 5 star rating. It was just as cute in person as the photos showed. The little custom converse shoes with Grey’s name and Mickey Mouse on them are one of my favorites.


  • COMFORTABLE shoes. I forgot how much walking there is with Disney. Holy steps. I wore very comfy shoes both days and it made a world of difference
  • Fast Passes. These are a game changer. We would do three a day at whatever park we were at and it honestly saved us hours.
  • Stay at a Disney Park hotel. They hook everything up to a bracelet and its so easy to get around. The shuttles are included, you can charge food or anything you purchase to the bracelet, and you are allowed extended times at the parks.
  • Don’t try to do too much. There is A LOT to see and do at Disney and I found myself wanting to do it all. However, I would say no more than two parks in one day. It’s just too much and you don’t want to feel rushed or stressed at Disney. That takes all the fun out of it!
  • If possible, get fast passes for the avatar rides ASAP. The lines for these were sometimes up to 5 hours… I kid you not. It’s new. It’s awesome. It’s Disney.
  • Enjoy it! Yes its hot. Yes its crowded. Yes the food kinda sucks. But its Disney and your kids are (hopefully) loving it! I know Grey was only 14 months when we took him but he was in awe of it all and I loved watching him light up while taking it all in.
  • Last tip- if you are a man (and yes I am aware there are no men reading this) or are raising a little man- please PLEASE teach them to stand and offer their seat for women holding a babies on the shuttle buses. 1. It’s nice 2. It’s human.

What I Wore for Disney: The main thing for me was comfort (and matching with the fam). That being said I did a couple short sleeve bodysuit, shorts, and a comfortable shoes. BAM… ready to go! I would throw in a jean jacket for later, just in case, but never needed it. The moccasins I’ve linked below are VERY comfy (trust me I did the walking), are currently on sale and come in a bunch of fun colors!

Fam Bam Outfits: Most of the matching outfits and custom made pieces are from etsy! I’m linking then all below. The rose gold backpack with ears was a splurge purchase from PoshMark. I will say though its so cute in person and I had people chasing me down to ask where I got it. Literally. Chasing. Shoutout to Maggie for not quitting after I made her wear matching shirts with us in Disney! =)




  1. Kate
    November 8, 2018 / 6:16 pm

    Girl! There are some amazing hidden gem restaurants at Disney- we ALWAYS made reservations for the restaurants because yes, the park food is 👎🏼

    • JillianHorn
      November 9, 2018 / 9:25 am

      We did the ‘be our guest’ dining and it was great! Agreed about the park food lol

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