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How I Knew

How I Knew

Dr. Michael Horn

Dr. Michael Horn, Jillian Horn

Jillian Horn

(Bora Bora 9/23/15)

Dr. Michael Horn, Jillian Horn, Chicago blogger, mom blogger

(Chicago 9/19/15)


Prepare for the mushy lovey dovey headed you way in




Last week I was fortunate enough to celebrate my third wedding anniversary with Doc Horn. Our eyes didn’t met across a crowded bar and we fell in love. We were co-workers. Nurse meets doctor. But over the years I kept seeing certain qualities in him that were rare. Admirable qualities. Unique qualities. For example, he’s ridiculously smart but never makes you feel stupid. He’s had great success in his career but never makes you feel less than. He is well traveled but never brags. He’s hysterical but not at the expense of others. He’s quiet (at times) but always listening. He has a huge heart and truly cares, I think more than people realize, about his family, friends, employees and co-workers.

Throughout my entire life I was lucky enough to grow up watching my grandparents who were married for nearly 68years before my grandmother passed away earlier this year. Her health had not been great for several years but watching my grandfather care for her and be there for her every single day was something that I grew up admiring and wanted to find for myself.

Over the last couple years I have, unfortunately, had a few medical issues that have landed me in the hospital for extended periods of time. He was there. Everyday. Every night. Every time. He’ll pick up the slack around the house, he’s ridiculously hands on with the baby, he puts others before himself but what means the most to me is that he is always there.

How I knew and how I still know

  • We have fun. Michael has such an amazing sense of humor and we are constantly laughing and enjoying each other. It makes even the hard times manageable.
  • Share the same interests/want the same things. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things that Michael and I have different opinions or taste in. But, overall, we both have a medical background and can talk shop, love to travel, love good food and place a strong importance on family.
  • Knows my buttons. Michael is the first person I have ever met that truly gets the big picture and doesn’t want to waste time or effort on silly arguments or issues. He knows my buttons and is mature enough not to push them, even when I probably deserve it. He truly makes me a better person and helps me look at situations, and life, in a completely different light.
  • Does the little things. The moments I look at Michael and truly count my lucky stars are the times he does the smallest of things that mean the most. When we found out I was pregnant Michael started bringing me breakfast in bed every morning because I would wake up so nauseous and hungry. Just that little thing makes my days start so much better and am I reminded of how lucky I am to have this guy.
  • Makes me happy. I immediately think of a scene from Sex and City when Samantha asks Charlotte how often she feels happy her in her relationship… “Every day. Not all day every day, but every day”.

The big question, and kind of the main summary of this post, is do you think you are a better person with them in your life? Do they bring out the best qualities in you? Do they make you want to be your best self? I, somehow (lol), found this and truly think I am different person since I met Michael, a better person. He’s my lobster. 


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  1. Leslie Marsh
    September 28, 2018 / 12:44 am

    Love this <3

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