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Lightweight Fall Jacket

Lightweight Fall Jacket 

Michael Horn

Michael Horn, Chicago Blogger

So I may have worn this exact outfit a couple times this past week so I figured it was worth sharing. Everything is BEYOND comfortable and linked below. The jacket does run large so I would definitely size down. I also rolled the sleeves to make the fit better. It is a very lightweight jacket, which I love, and this particular color is my favorite! The red is also gorgeous and still available in multiple sizes!

Everything I’m wearing is currently on sale so I am including links for everything below. I know some of the items are picked over and have limited sizes left so I am including similar items with links below. This bodysuit, in black, isn’t on sale but it is in Gray. I’ll link both.

This belt is a favorite of mine as well! It is bulky so sometime it doesn’t fit the belt loops of certain jeans… just a heads up. Its also really cute to wear loosely around your weight with a large sweater for fall.

Happy Shopping! =)


Jacket -$64.90… normally $98

Yummie Bodysuit -Black-$34

Yummie Bodysuit -Gray -$24.90… normally $34

Jeans– $44.90… normally $68

Another Jean Option -$64

Belt– $108

Belt Option -$38

Belt Option -$20

Steve Madden Mule -$49.90… normally $79.95

Mule Option -$79.98… normally $119.94

Mule Option -$84.90… normally $129.95





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