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Michael Takes Over the Blog

Michael Takes Over the Blog

Dr. Michael Horn, Chicago Surgeon, Chicago Blogger, Plastic surgery

Jillian Horn, Michael Horn, Dr. Michael Horn Center, About Jillian Horn, Chicago Blogger, Chicago Plastic Surgery

Here we go. Michael as a blogger. He’s come up with 15 questions to ask me and is oh so excited to be ‘the man behind the blog.’ I’m slightly nervous about his questions but either way this will be an interesting read for everyone and a way for you guys to get to know me a little better! Whose excited?! Here we go.

-Whose your favorite husband?

“Michael! Seriously! Are all the questions like this?! If so then not you.”

-Happiest moment of your life and why?

“Oh this is hard. There have been some big ones. I think I’d have to say the day Greyson was born and he was healthy and chunky. I was so worried about him since we had to take him out early and when everything was okay with him it was such a relief.”

-Second happiest moment of your life and why?

“Probably our wedding day. Everyday since I think how lucky I am and that day was the day that started it off!”

-What is the best time you’ve ever had or the best activity you’ve ever done?

“Hmmm… probably something travel related. Wait no. Either our wedding or the baby showers because the feeling I had from having so many people you love in one room at the same time is something that I will forever cherish.”

-What is it like being a blogger?

“To be honest its a lot harder than I thought! In my mind I was like okay so I’ll just post cute pics everyday and become famous. Bam. I got this. However, that’s what everyone on instagram is doing so it’s tricky. I love doing it and I think my honesty and willingness to kind of ‘share it all’ makes me stand out. Plus I have a super cute baby 💁🏼‍♀️.”

-How did your life change with motherhood?

“It changes a lot but all for the better. Breast feeding for so long was an amazing experience but also a tricky little game of trying to time out things you needed to do for yourself and when little man would be eating again. At the beginning I felt like I was missing out on a lot but I quickly realized that I was actually exactly where I wanted to be. Home with my family.

-What life experiences do you feel like shaped you the most?

“Oh jeez. I think every major milestone I learned something from. High school, college, first job. Each milestone I met people or had experiences that taught me a lot. However, motherhood and marriage have by far taught me the most. I have grown, for the better, and learned what it really means to put others before yourself.”

-Who do you admire most and why?

“Oh man. Theres a lot of individual people I admire but as a whole I admire good moms. Working moms. Stay at home moms. All moms. Also, to clarify, by ‘good’ I simply mean the moms that care. The moms that constantly feel like they are failing. The fact that you care enough to think that means you’re trying. You’re doing good. I try to remind myself of this because I think I am often my biggest critic. It’s hard and they know how to push our buttons but it’s really the biggest blessing.”

-Favorite travel destination

“We get asked this a lot and I never have a solid answer. I feel like Bora Bora is the best for just sitting and relaxing. Definitely the most beautiful waters. But I love exploring also. Hmm… Oh wait! Banff was awesome! Beautiful views mixed with canoeing and hiking. Perfect!”

-If you had to be an animal which one and why?

“Alpaca. Duh. Because they are awesome! Next question”

-What three things would you bring with you if you were stranded on an island?

“Can I bring people? I’d bring you and Greyson but wait is it mean of me to take my baby to a deserted island? So he can stay home and I’ll bring you because your pretty clever, someone from one of those naked and afraid shows so we’d know what we can eat and they can make us a hut or whatever to sleep in, and then maybe a Kardashian because I feel like their family and weird fans would never stop searching till they were found. If it was things I would bring a crap ton of water, matches and then one of those cell phones that works anywhere so I can call for a lift home 😆!”

-Whats your family like?

“Awesome sauce. Small, but amazing. Very close and there for each other when it matters most. I have friends I consider family and the same applies for them. When I was in the hospital with my complications after Grey I would just look up and there they were.”

-Whose your favorite family member?

“Hahaha omg you want me to say you don’t you? You’re by far my favorite husband. However, I think the relationship I have with Dylan is my favorite because it’s the awesome mix of loving him like I love Grey but not having to discipline him or deal with all the ‘parenty’ stuff. I just get to swoop in and take him to fun adventures, load him full of sugar and then drop him back at home (sorry not sorry, Leslie).”

-Whats your favorite food? Favorite restaurant?

“Oh god, can I say Portillo’s? This is hard and I feel like it definitely changes. I’ll be obsessed with something but then I order it too much and need a break. I will say though, since I was little, my go to comfort meal has always been my grandpas meatloaf and grandmas potato salad. I know thats not a restaurant but that would be my go to meal. Unless you are trying to surprise me with something then its surf and turf 😉 Wait no, Portillo’s.”

-Who is your favorite celebrity and why?

“When you pop up on the tv or radio you are definitely my favorite celebrity. However, I would leave you for Carrie Underwood if she was interested #girlcrush 😉”

Well that was fun! He did so good… proud wife! He may kill me for this but I’d like to take a moment to thank him for all the support and by showing my appreciation I will now post a throw back photo of Doc Horn. Love You!! And thank you for taking over the blog today!




  1. Leslie Marsh
    November 29, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    So good! 🙂

  2. Kelly
    December 1, 2018 / 11:53 am

    Love what you are doing! #bloggoals

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