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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Happy, almost Mothers Day to all the moms, fur moms, soon to be moms, and moms fighting hard to be future moms! I’m rounding up some of my favorites for a gift guide for the upcoming day.
First and foremost, the best gift ever, a gift certificate for a facial 🥳 … and where else would you go besides the Dr. Michael Horn MedSpa?! My all time favorites are Microneedling, Green Peel and Silk Peel. Also, you can never go wrong with a standard facial. Keep your face and skin happy this summer and start off with a visit to the MedSpa!

1. Michael Kors Shoe- Every mom needs a go to gym shoe and this one is super cute and on sale!

2. Skin Gym- I spoke about this little guy in my Sephora post! Helps with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles! A most have for any mom.

3. Jo Malone Candle- Jo Malone has amazing scents so you mix that with a candle and its perfection.

4. Riki Makeup Mirror- This mirror gives the perfect lighting and has amazing features. There is also

5. Lele Sadoughi Headband- I have been loving the headband trend and this one is definitely a favorite! Not only is it super cute but its comfortable. No headache from rocking this guy all day!

6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask- This is another favorite of mine from my Sephora post. Dry or chapped lips are no fun and this is such a quick and simple solution! I LOVE!

7. Michele Watch- One of these suckers has been on my wishlist for a while (cough cough MICHAEL cough). I’m loving the two tone!

8. Robe- I LIVE in my robe during the cold months, after baby and when breastfeeding. So basically, the last two years 😆

9. Gucci Purse- A definite splurge but isn’t mom worth it? I love this bag for its color, the tiger gem and the size. It can hold all of Grey’s stuff and mine comfortably.

10. Two Piece Jammies- These jammies can double for the perfect loungewear. So comfy.


11. Mama Script Ring- I just love this. Its the perfect little accessory

12. Valentino Sandals- The perfect summer shoe. They are comfortable and adorable. Win Win!

13. Mz Wallce Bag- This very large bag is great for travel! Its affordable, comes in cute color options and is easy to clean.

14. Slip Slik- Your skin and hair will thank you for switching to sleep on silk.

15. Sleep Shirt- I, personally, am obsessed with sleep shirts. They are easy, light weight and, well, super cute. I lived in them when I was pregnant.

16. Fendi Scarf- This graphic logo print scarf is not only adorable but it can be worn a million different ways! In moms hair, on her purse, around her neck… it will definitely get used.

17. NudeStix- I LOVE these little stix. They last all day and come in great color options.

18. Slippers- I feel like this is a no brainer… who doesn’t need and love and furry/soft slipper?

19. Lele Sadoughi Earring- I originally fell in love with this brand for their headbands but holy gorgeous… these earrings!

20. Rebecca Minkoff Bag- The perfect summer bag! The colors make it possible to wear with almost anything and it’s incredibly lightweight.

21. Herbivore Trio- I spoke about some of these products in my Sephora blog! The scrub is great because its very hydrating and the other two are my travel go to’s!

Go get your mama something special! Feel free to check out some of my previous blogs below for more ideas!

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