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My Birth Story

My Birth Story with Greyson  

In honor of Mother’s Day I thought it would be fun to share my birth story! (I never did because I had Grey before I got into blogging). Then I thought, never mind… it was such a mess I wouldn’t even know where to start 😆. Plus, I don’t want to scare any expectant Mother’s out there. I came to the conclusion, however, that even though it’s messy and scary it’s my story. My story that made me a mom. So grab a snack and a drink and let’s do this! 

We found out I was preggos right before New Years and I actually told Michael on the plane ride to London. I had the flight attendant deliver him a letter on his dinner tray ❤️ My official due date was 9/9/17. Greyson’s Birthday is 8/16/17. Let’s chat the circumstances that led to little mans early arrival. 

We did our baby moon in late June in the The Almafi Coast in Italy. By the time we got back I was 31weeks pregnant and felt about 131weeks pregnant. I just assumed it was sciatica, because that’s what everyone was saying, and did more stretches and yoga classes. I had two baby showers, the second one being July 30th. I was SO uncomfortable that morning I almost cancelled the whole thing. Side note: I’m glad I didn’t because it was a beautiful day! 

Fast forward 48hrs and I’m waking up Michael at 2am saying I need to go to the hospital. I didn’t know how to explain what was wrong, and I knew I wasn’t in labor, but I needed to go. Hospital said sciatica and sent me home. 

Fast forward four days later and Michaels assistant walking into our house only to find me crying on the kitchen floor… BAM back to the hospital. Guess what?! They said I had sciatica and sent me home. 

Almost everyday I was doing yoga, acupuncture, massages,  ki holistic treatments, heat packs and walking a ton. I would get temporary relief but the pain always came back. Usually at 2am 🙄. 

Finally, the straw that broke the camels back, was I started to vomit from how severe the pain was. My doctor, at this point, believed I had a kidney stone and ordered an MRI at the hospital. I went for that on the August 7th and little did I know the next time I left I would be leaving with my baby boy. 

I showed up to the hospital for my MRI straight from my doctors office with nothing but the clothes I had on and my purse. The test was completed (which was HORRIBLY painful since I couldn’t lie flat) and they said I was being taken to a room for direct admittance. I wasn’t sure why yet and then… BOOM. My doctor came in and said I was being admitted due to an 18in blood clot. Yup… 18in. The clot was in my left common iliac vein and was caused by MTS… something until that very moment I had no idea I had.

(May-Thurner syndrome (MTS) is caused when the left iliac vein is compressed by the right iliac artery, which increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the left extremity. DVT is a blood clot that may partially or completely block blood flow through the vein.)

For the next nine days it was a cluster. The baby doctors were scared of me due to my giant blood clot and the blood clot doctors were scared of me because of the baby. It was decided that in order to keep me, the baby and my leg safe they would preform a C-Section, take the baby out, give me a day or two and then go in and remove the clot/place stents. Before any of this could happen, though, I needed a surgery where they would place a net, if you will, that would protect any clots from getting to my heart and lungs. Its called an IVC filter. Once the filter was in place I went in to have my little man. 

Michael was asked to step out while they did the epidural. I remember being beyond terrified and before we went into the room telling Michael over and over again that if something goes wrong to protect Greyson first and foremost. He clearly wasn’t interested in this type of talk. They started the C-Section and before I knew it I heard the best sound in the entire world…. Greyson Michael Horn was born loud, strong and healthy as could be. Weighing 7lbs 3oz he was pure perfection. The NICU came to check him out since he was a premie but he was cleared immediately and stayed with Michael and I the whole time. Just like that we were a family of three. 

That day forever changed my life, for the better. On that day, August 16th 2017, I became a mom. I had the best role in life. A role I fought for. I felt so fulfilled and knew that this was my purpose… to be his mom. I was able to hangout with my sweet chunk for a day and half and then it was clot removal day. The surgery was over 4hours long and all I remember is waking up in the worst pain EVER. Why? They had laid me on my stomach for the surgery in order to go in through the back of my leg. Keep in mind I had JUST had a C-Section. Good times. I recovered in the hospital from both surgeries for a few more days and then we were home as a family of 3! =) 

(A medical error was made during a second clot removal surgery in October of that same year. Thats another story for another blog. I feel like each blog can only handle so much 😆) 

My ‘birth story’ is NO WHERE near what I imagined. I had a whole plan in place and clearly nothing that happened was part of it. HOWEVER, my little guy was/is happy, chunky and healthy. So to all my expectant mamas out there… follow your gut and be ready to roll with the punches !

My best advice for C-Section mamas…

-take your pain medications 

-wear a TIGHT binder

-walk… a lot 

-DON”T lift. I know it’ll feel like you are fine and will want to after a few weeks but DON”T


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