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My Favorite Fall Finds & Trends

My Favorite Fall Finds & Trends



Alright, so fall is my favorite season for a lot of reasons. I love fall recipes, fall activities, fall smells, fall decor and fall fashion. Bring on the layers! I’ve listed out some of my favorite fall finds and trends of the season! A lot of the categories overlap, win win. For example, red is VERY in this fall and so are sock booties… insert red sock booties. BAM- two for one! I’ve linked everything below in the scroll bars. Happy shopping but more importantly HAPPY FALL! 🍁🎃 ❤️

Up until this year I was convinced I wasn’t a hat person. Then I encountered this gorgeous hat (I’ve linked below) and it changed my life. Okay, that was a bit dramatic but I was shocked to see I could wear it with everything! It really adds that little something something to an outfit. The one I’m sharing below comes in three colors and is VERY reasonably priced.

Leopard, red and mustard are all big hits this year in any form. Everything from sweaters to shoes in these colors/prints have been my go to! I love it all. I have worn my leopard booties non stop and even love to pair them up with my red blazer. Nordstrom’s leopard sweaters sold out faster than lollapalooza so I found one at J.Crew that I have been living in!

Graphic tees are so fun and can go with anything. Toss one on with jeans, or a leather skirt and off you go! It adds something fun to the outfit as a whole. I’ve done a graphic tee with heels and gone to dinner and I’ve paired on with gym shoes and taken little man to the park. Versatel! (Side note: the Grateful Dead one linked below from Free People is INCREDIBLY soft)

I have a confession. This is my first ever pair of flare bottom jeans and I LOVE them. The fit of this particular pair is perfect for me! They have stretch and come in a short length which is very important since if you hem these you lose the flare.

Plaid is always a fall favorite and a great one for layering. A plaid button up with jeans, a leather jacket and booties… can’t beat it! Throw that on and a pumpkin patch will just appear magically in front of you. Not really but you know what I mean… it summons all the fall vibes 😆

Over the knee boots not only help add a pop to your outfit but it helps keep your legs warm in fall weather. These can be worn with jeans, leggings or dresses. Options galore!

Blazers are an obsession of mine and I’ve never known why. Perhaps in a previous life I was a CEO and wore one daily? I’m sure that’s it. Anyway, fall is the best time to layer up and weather it’s a leather jacket or a fun blazer it’s always fun to mix and match. I love a white blazer for travel to anywhere warm. It goes with almost any outfit and is the perfect coverup for those cool down evenings.

Oversized bags are a huge hit currently… Mary poppins Style. I’m sure you’ve noticed from my posts I love a good oversized tote. Summer is nice to throw on a little dress, grab a small bag and out the door. Currently though I am wearing one of the bags I’ve linked below. The color in both goes with almost anything and can hold all your daily gear. One is a splurge but the other is under $50 and is one of my favorites!

My favorite thing about fall is layers. When it doubt just layer away. Throw on a fun bralette, a plaid button down, and a leather jacket with a pair of jeans and off you go! You can mix and match and have fun with all the finds and trends! Enjoy fall =) Winter is coming… blah.


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  1. Leslie
    October 11, 2018 / 6:19 pm

    You are fashion GOALS <3

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