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My Picks on Nordstrom’s Comfiest Sale Items

Nordstrom’s Comfiest 

Some of my favorite athletic wear is included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I wanted to make sure and share. Don’t let instagram fool you, most mornings consist of me simply reaching for the closest pair of sweats or yoga pants and going about my day. All the items I am sharing are my ‘go tos’ for comfort wear that are currently on sale. I prefer my sweaters and zip-ups little baggy so I usually size up.

Also, I included some of my favorite blankets from the sale. I am always shocked at how pricey a good/comfy blanket can cost. I try to grab them up when there is a good sale going on =) I am slightly a blanket hog so if you are ever over and are cold …let me know 😆.

I linked everything below each picture…so happy shopping friends! And yes, I moved a mirror into my living room for better photo quality. #Committed

fashion blogger, chicago blogger

Fashion blogger

Leggings -$33.90… normally $52

Zip Sweater -$58.90… normally $89

Adidas Shoes-$67.90… normally $90


Nike Sweater

Leggings -$35.90… normally $55

Nike Gym Shoes


Wrap Sweater -$58.90… normally $89

Leggings -$33.90… normally $52

Adidas Shoes -$67.90… normally $90

Sports Bra -$31.90… normally $49

Throw Blanket -$64.90… normally $99

Ugg Throw -$69.90… normally $98

Lounge Pants -$32.90… normally $50

Michael Horn

Wubby Sweater– $51.90… normally $78

Leggings -$72.90… normally $110

fashion blogger, Michael Horn

Fleece Joggers -$31.90… normally $49

V-Neck Tee -$11.90… normally $17





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  1. Israel Gabel
    November 4, 2018 / 3:53 pm


    My compliments for you beautiful website what you have made.
    I had visited your website last month to order something, but unfortunately I did not have enough money to buy it,
    but today because I had enough money, I wanted to order it from you, but I can not find the product anymore in you shop,
    it looks like this on this blog i can order it from someone else, but would like to buy it from you,
    I hope you will sell the product again soon, mail me if you are going to sell it again, I’ll wait.


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