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My Weekly Workout Goals

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My Weekly Workout Goals

I definitely wouldn’t say I am a workout guru by any means. It is still a practice that I struggle with as far as consistency goes. I only recently got into more of a ‘weekly routine’ as far as certain classes and types of exercise I try to do. The gym and I had almost zero relationship up until my pregnancy. I found myself horribly uncomfortable with difficulty sleeping which led to me trying out my first prenatal yoga class. I was hooked. During my second trimester is when I really started a (pregnancy safe) gym routine.

I figured out that if I was going to actually leave my house and go to the gym I needed some type of appointment or class that I had signed up for to get me there. I am not someone that wakes up on my own and wants to go to the gym. However, if I’m signed up for something (and there’e a cancellation fee lol 😝 ) I am going. The gym that I attended throughout my whole pregnancy, PreNatal Fit, was all classes. I loved this because like I said, it keeps me accountable. The other gym I attend, Webster Chicago Athletic Club, is where I have my trainer, Becky. I’m sure people have seen me mention her, or cursing her name, on my instagram before.

My weekly breakdown, or at least what I TRY to do is the following:

Tuesday and Thursday- weight training with Becky at CAC

Wednesday- Cardio Class


Some weeks I nail it and do all of these classes plus some add ons. Others, epic fail. Its a balance. My goal is to up my yoga! I feel like my back is still a hot mess from poor posture while breastfeeding. Moms, does it ever not hurt or do I now just move onto different aches and pains from carrying around a soon to be toddler?!?

My ‘cardio class’ for months while pregnant and after pregnancy was a step class at PreNatal fit on Wednesday mornings that had me hating/loving life!  Since little man is turning one I have, temporarily, started venturing away from Prenatal Fit and am now doing Spin class at CAC Wednesday mornings.

There you have it, in a nutshell. My goals, in this area, are to look into more yoga and start working out on my own.. maybe even when we travel?!?! Holy cow… I’m getting crazy. 😝 Share some of your favorite places and/or classes! Also, if anyone would be interested in a peek of what Becky and I do let me know! Maybe I could start sharing some of our days together.
All outfit details for my workout clothing is shared below!

Michael Horn, Health

Michael Horn, healthy lifestyle, workout, chicago

Michael Horn, Chicago, Health



Outfit Details:

I tagged either the exact item or similar items below. Alo is a top favorite workout brand of mine. The yoga pants are VERY comfortable and durable so they last. I also really like fabletics for the cute patterns and price. The quality is great, slightly thinner material compared to Alo. For gym shoes I love Adidas and Nike also but there is something about the APL shoes. The slide on is amazing for me since I am always running late and the colors are gorgeous! All items linked below =)

Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants

APL Gym Shoes

Fabletics Top






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