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How I Pack My Family for Travel

How I Pack My Family for Travel

I’ve had this particular blog in the ‘draft’ phase for a while so I made this my priority to finish! When Michael and I first started dating we never saw eye on to eye on his attire. Since then he has given up and I pick most of his outfits. This is the same for when we travel. I usually pull his stuff and then he packs it. Thats the easy part. Greyson and I on the other hand are slightly more difficult. I will say I have learned from years of overpacking that I usually don’t end up wearing most of what I pack anyways so I try to pack less. Also, my new favorite trick is to REALLY under pack and then I “have to go shopping” once we get to our destination. That ladies and gentlemen is my brain working in full force.

Certain items are staple items that I bring on every trip and can wear for several different occasions. For example, my comfy plane outfit (which is usually yoga pants and a t-shirt) will also double as my pool coverup t-shirt or my ‘roll out of bed and race down to the breakfast buffet’ t-shirt’. I have also learned that tan shoes will basically go with almost 98% of whatever I am wanting to wear. Therefore, I pack ONE pair of heels (tan heeled sandal) and make it work for most of my dinner looks. Keep in mind 95% of the trips we take are warm weather so I wouldn’t recommend those heels for Iceland. I love outfits or certain clothing items that can be worn different ways. Those are always easy go to items for vacations. Little tricks- stuff your hats with socks or undies, vacuum seal sweaters for cold travel locations, convert to ‘travel size’ of whatever is possible (ie hairspray, dry shampoo, shampoo, ect.) and I always wear my ‘biggest pair’ of shoes on the plane. Meaning, I wear gym shoes and pack my flip flops or I wear boots and pack the flats.

For Greyson I struggled with diapers when we first started traveling. I was constantly obsessing with ‘how many should we bring?’ Let me tell you 1. there are very limited places you will be traveling that you can not buy diapers there 2. when in doubt vacuum seal a crap ton 3. target ships everywhere. We did a little over a week in Hawaii and I just had a shipment of diapers and wipes delivered to the hotel the same day we arrived. BAM- problem solved. Also, it won’t kill the kid to sleep in the same jammies for two nights. Our first family trip I think I packed an entire box of pampers and roughly 47 pairs of pjs. Not really but you get the idea.

Carryon Essentials –

  1. We always carryon our stroller, since it fits in the overhead, to avoid any damages, risk of it being misplaced or getting dirty (baby zen yoyo)
  2. Diaper bag (I prefer diaper bags that can be worn as a backpack when it comes to traveling)- change of outfit, food, formula, toys, teething items, Tylenol, thermometer, diapers, wipes, changing pad, sanitizer, aquaphor, breastmilk/formula, bib, and a sippy cup  (Lily and Jade Diaper BagHAPP )
  3. My bag- computer with charger, phone charger, hydrating facial spray, facial lotion, tooth brush/tooth paste, chapstick, Tylenol, melatonin, change of outfits, sweater, socks, swimsuit (incase they loose my luggage), headphones, sandals, book, sunglasses, jewelry (I don’t like to check it), and wallet (Reversible Tote Madewell ToteMZ Wallace Medium Tote).

A lot of times the airline will give you lotions, socks, headphones, toothbrush ect… but I prefer having my own things especially for those longer flights.

What I’ve learned is to plan one or two nice outfits for dinner and then just bring comfortable basics that can be used for multiple looks. Always pack gym shoes for exploring and don’t forget a nice lightweight coverup for those evenings the temperature drops. I might be a bad ‘fashion blogger’ for saying this out lout but the mom in me is winning this battle…. comfort first when it comes to travel looks! (and if it doesn’t smell or have a stain its clean). I’ve included some of my travel go to basics below …ie- jean shorts, sandals, jeans, maxi’s, sun hat, ect.


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