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Perfect Summer Blazer for Under $100

Michael Horn, mom blogger, casual stylePerfect Summer Blazer for Under $100

I know everyone is still laser focused on the NSale but I had to share a piece that is so fun for summer. My items from the sale haven’t arrived yet but I promise to post about what I ended up purchasing, once they get here. I am basically sitting in a chair on my front porch watching for the delivery truck. I’m just joking. Maybe. The nsale had me feeling like I just did a target run. I had a list of all the things I wanted. I would look at the price of each item and was like “wow… what a deal!” Then you go to check and your trying to figure out how in the world your ‘$11 dollar shirt’ added up to that total?!?! Its magic.

Any who, there is a small side of me that is blazer obsessed. I don’t know why or where I think I’m going that I need so many but I basically have a blazer for any occasion. However ,this one is like no other. The color, the fit, the design are all outstanding. It comes in a ton of color options but I personally think this hot pink one is so fun!! If you aren’t a ‘hot pink’ person there is a gorgeous blush option also. I am already eyeing the ivory one =)

The sizing runs small so I would go up. I ordered a size 2. I added the link below for the blazer along with the other items in the picture. Its very light weight which is nice for summer so you can layer up without overheating. Make sure to check it out, even if you aren’t a fan of this particular color. But you should be. Give it try. Step out your comfort color zone. Thats enough pep talk.

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Michael horn, fashion blogger

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