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Pregnancy Comforts

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Pregnancy Comforts

So here I am. Super big. Super grateful. Super excited. Super uncomfortable. Super over it haha… I get a lot of questions on things that can help with the end of pregnancy as far as swelling or overall staying comfortable. My back this time around started getting REALLY bad around 32weeks. I could barely lift my left leg some evenings trying to change out of my clothes. The pain was in my VERY low back and left glute. There was no ‘zing’ down my leg so sciatica was ruled out. I talked to my doctor and it was suggested I seek treatment for my sacroiliac joint (SI joint) and piriformis muscle flare up. I know, a lot of fun words haha…

Any who, since then I have been going to acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and yoga weekly. Also, prenatal massages. I did do yoga throughout my whole pregnancy but really stepped up how many times I go weekly. Since I am high risk I felt best purely sticking with prenatal yoga this pregnancy. I was a bit more active with my others.

Sharing below where I go for all of my treatments. I also LIVE in blanqi leggings/support tanks, wear a belly band daily, and sleep with a snoogle (all linked below).
Remember mamas- ALWAYS keep your doctors informed in any discomforts or pains.


Acupuncture– The Nest
I also went here while going through my fertility treatments.

Chiropractor– Wrigleyville Chiropractic (I see Dr. Dan)

Yoga/Workouts– PreNatal Fit
With my other two pregnancies I was also a member here and took advantage of all the classes. I LOVED the cardio weights class on Wednesday mornings. This time around, as I mentioned above, I am just doing yoga. I TRY to attend the Sunday morning class, the Monday evening class (with Amanda), and then the Thursday morning class every week. I’ve noticed I feel best with a little movement.

Maternity Items:

Blanqi Maternity Wear- I love the support leggings and tanks. Any little bit helps, right?

Below I’m linking other some of my other go to’s for the end of pregnancy… the pillow I sleep with, the belly lotions/oils I use, the belly bands, ect…

This pillow is my bestie. My husband isn’t a fan because it takes up space and puts an actual line between us BUT Grey loves it lol… the house is 50/50 split. When my back started getting bad I made sure to sleep with this pillow tucked between my legs to help my hip/back. It’s been making a difference!

The belly band is a must. This baby girl is LARGE and in charge (she was measuring in the 87th percentile at our last appointment). I need all the help supporting this chunk on a daily basis I can get. I like this band because there is a pocket on the back that you can put a hot pack or ice pack in.

I alternate between the oil and lotion. I am determined for no stretch marks. Well, at least no major ones. Plus with being pregnant this time of year my skin gets dry and itchy so these are a must. I sleep with the oil on and then use the lotion throughout the day. I used the lotion when I was pregnant with Grey and loved it then also. I just recently added in the oil and its so soft and nice. Worth it!



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