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Q&A With Richard Mosier (aka Grandpa)

25 Q&A’s With Richard Mosier (aka Grandpa)

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Alright guys. This is probably my all time favorite blog post. I not only had the best time writing it, because I was able to learn more about my grandpa, but its adorable and full of fun information! He seems to be a fan favorite and I was constantly getting DM’s asking more questions about him so I thought I would just give him his very own post. I know this is VERY different from your typical post. Theres no sale items and nothing to buy but this man is 92yrs old and I don’t think I have ever heard him say an unkind word about another human being …so I think we should all take notes haha.

I started this before my grandmother transitioned into hospice so it has taken a new level of meaning to me while I sit here listening to him tell stories about the two of them. I included lots of family photos that I hope you enjoy!

The first few questions are just some background information to get to know a little more about him <3

25 Q&A’s with Richard Mosier ❤️

When were you born?

November 14th, 1926  in Lincoln, IL. My parents names were Elmer and Edith Mosier.

Do you have any siblings?

“Nope. I am an only child. I liked it that way. Ya know when I was little they had to move my dinner seat because I kept making faces at myself in the mirror. I didn’t need siblings, I had my own fun”

How did you get into teaching?

“Well I graduated high school early, as junior, and enlisted in the Navy in 1944 as a electricians mate. When I returned home, in 1946, I attended Lincoln College and received a Associate of Science degree. Then I went to Bradley and earned my Bachelors of Science and Business Administration in 1949. Shortly after this my high school principal called and said “I need a substitute teacher for three days.” Well, I did those three days and never stopped. I immediately singed up at ISU for teaching classes an d eventually graduated school with a Masters in Educational Administration and Guidance in Counseling.

How long did you teach?

46 years in the education system total. That includes working as a teacher, a guidance counselor, and as principal for 15years.

Where did you met grandma?

In 1946 in Lincoln, IL at a football game

When did you get married?

“1950 in Lincoln, Illinois at the St. Patricks Church. Then we took the train to Chicago that evening, because we couldn’t afford to drive, for dinner at The Drake (Cape Cod Room).”

Do you think the first year was the hardest like people say?

“Heavens to betsy- no. But then again, I’m 68 years in, so a lot I just don’t remember. I will say that after I got married I said I needed a raise because I was supporting my wife now. I went from 2400 A YEAR to 2600 A YEAR. Why I thought an extra $200/year was a great offer still drives me nuts.”

How do you think you’ve managed to stay married for 68years?

“if we had something seriously going wrong with the marriage we would tell each other. I am not a mind reader so she would tell me. We did that and we stayed married”

What were your favorite parts of marriage?

Watching your grandmother become a mom. We had three girls. Nancy in 1952, Barb in 1954 and your mom (Judy) in 1960. Each time was different and all those memories are my favorite.

Do you ever wish you had a son?

“Never but if we’d had a boy I would’ve kept him”

Where did you raise your family?

“In 1968 we moved to Argenta, Illinois and still have that house now. Your mom and all the girls grew up there. Then when you and your cousins were born, that’s where you would visit and we did holidays. That’s our home base but now we are up here with you guys!”

Whats your favorite food?

“chow mien”

Whats your favorite dessert?

“well, I eat ice cream every night before bed but my favorite would be coconut cream pie”

Whats your favorite thing about grandma?

“Her great sense of humor. We were always laughing. And if you can manage to keep laughing you’ll be happy.”

Favorite place you ever traveled to?
“With the family to Disney Land”

Favorite Store?

Von Maur and TJ Maxx -Always

One place you always wanted to go?

“Italy. But if we could have afforded it your grandmother’s was Ireland so we probably would’ve gone there”

Favorite Musician?

Jean Crupa with Benny Goodman

Why did you start playing the bass?

“I like how the bass is responsible for keeping the whole band in sync”

Did you think you’d live to be 92?

“No but I’m here till the good lord will take me. I’m lucky and I have enjoyed watching my children, grandchildren and now great grandson grow up. Doesn’t get much better than that.”

Whose your best friend?

“Grandma- she’s been around along time and went through everything with me.”

Whats your favorite activity?

Playing pool. If any of these people on this computer thing you are doing want to meet me at the Birds Nest to play some pool tell them to let you know.

How do you get through hard times?

Even when your heart is broken, or even shattered, you have to accept the inevitable.

What do you think of millennials?

(Once I explained what a millennial was) “Maybe enjoy the moments more. Always walking with your head in a iPod or an iPad or an i something. Just look up. Look around. Also, to all the young people… they should know life is problematic. Living is taking care of your problems”

Top Pieces of Advice in Life?

1. Be Proactive 2. Learn to love yourself “I do things that are good for me. That sounds bad but I’m almost 92 so whatever” 3. Understand other peoples opinions and feelings and just because they are different than yours doesn’t make them wrong 4. Don’t envy people- I don’t look at George  Coloney all day and think why don’t I look like that?




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  1. Lois E. Branch
    June 1, 2021 / 10:36 am

    So thrilled to find this while researching my family. The love for your Grandfather is heartwarming.
    I have been researching our family since the 1960’s and just ran across your site.
    Your Grandfather and I are 3rd cousins. We both descend from James R. and Mary (Campbell) Thomas of Logan County, Illinois.
    I have our history on and am asking permission to use a couple of your photos in our history.
    Warm Regards,
    Lois E. Branch

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