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Update: Our fertility treatments post miscarriage

Update: Our fertility treatments post miscarriage Hi All! The fight for our healthy sweet baby #2 continues. I wrote in my ‘next steps‘ blog that we were going to move forward with doing an egg retrieval. It was decided that…

My Miscarriage Do’s & Don’ts

  My Miscarriage Do’s & Don’ts I want to start off by sharing everyone grieves different. Each person is unique and handles every situation in their own way.I am, by no means, a spokeswoman for miscarriage nor do I wish…

What Now?

I wish I had a clever remark or even any type of answer for this question but I don’t. As a stay at home mom I almost wish I had a job that could take me away from the house…


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A Letter to My Husband

A Letter to My Husband After Our Miscarriage Its been exactly one week since I heard a sentence I never in a million years thought I would hear…. “There’s No Heartbeat.” While I am not quite ready to share this…

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