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The Horn’s Croatian Vacation

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The Horn’s Croatian Vacation

Recently we did a family vacation to Croatia, with a long weekend in Vienna. A lot of people asked what made us pick there? Well, a few years back I did a European cruise with my mom and Dubrovnik was one of the stops. We were only there for roughly 6hrs and I left wanting to come back and see more. Fast forward a few years and add in my husband and I having a slight Game of Thrones obsession and here we are!

‘Old Dubrovnik’ is a walled city that is absolutely stunning. One of my favorite views is from the walk a long the wall itself (not stroller friendly). There are so many options when it comes to ways you are able to view this beautiful town. For example, by boat or cable car. I will say the history of this town is one that I find VERY interesting so spending the time to do a guided tour is definitely something I recommend.

If you are a GOT fan there are a ton of tours specifically for this. They take you to the scenes where certain things were filmed and share little bits of their ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge. Also, a fun fact that a local shared with us, there is an app that you can download that plays a bell sound while yelling shame from the scene where Cersei does her walk of shame through town. Michael played it and walked behind me…everywhere we went 🙄. Side note: our tour guide told us that after this particular episode aired they are a problem with tourists running naked around town screaming shame.

The hotel we stayed at, linked below, was absolutely stunning and had the most AMAZING pool views. It was a very short and easy walk to town. Maybe 5-7min? All parts stroller friendly. If we weren’t eating at the outstanding restaurant at the hotel we headed in for dinner. One of our favorites was ‘Restaurant Kopun’. It is located at the very top of the stairs and had outstanding food. They also had legitimate highchairs. I know this seems silly to some but it was a really nice one that Grey could sit in, relax and play which made it possible for us to actually sit and enjoy our dinner.

One day, we were fortunate enough, to charter a boat for the day and hop around to see all the gorgeous beaches and islands that surround Croatia. If possible, I highly recommend. This was by far my favorite day. The views from the water are unreal and magical. We docked at Lopud Island for lunch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this was the BEST seafood we have ever had. Everything is so fresh and the flavors are amazing. The staff and locals were so kinda and welcoming.

From Chicago there are not direct flights to Croatia so we decided to fly through Vienna, mainly because it was somewhere new. I think Zurich was also an option? Not positive. Anyway, since we had a stop there we decided to spend a few days in Vienna. It. Was. Beautiful! Our hotel, linked below, is located within walk distance to everything you may need. Food, shopping, entertainment. All a walk away. The hotel itself is older and classic but stunning with outstanding service. The breakfast in the morning was my favorite! Delicious. We attended a opera while in Vienna and I will say I wasn’t super thrilled at first but ended up really falling in love with the experience. The opera house was beautiful and each seat contained a little screen that had a translation, in whatever language you prefer, to help you understand the performance. Overall, an incredible evening.

From Vienna we flew straight home to Chicago! The trip was one of our favorites as a family of three. We love exploring new countries, cities and culture especially with out little guy. Watching him try new foods and experience certain things for the first time makes my heart happy.

I get asked a lot if I give Greyson Benadryl when we travel long distances. Honestly, I don’t. I would, however, if he needed it/was having a hard time calming himself from being over tied. I am a maniac with his schedule so he does great when we travel, usually, because I stick to the schedule. This doesn’t always make for a care-free go with the flow travel experience but it works for us. The more mobile he’s getting, now walking along furniture, the harder long flights seem to be. I think that just goes with the territory.

If anyone had any other questions about the trip let me know! I’d love to help and hope everyone has a chance to explore these gorgeous cities ❤️.

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Michael Horn, Croatia


Michael Horn


Hotel in Dubrovnik :

Grand Villa Argentina

Hotel in Vienna:

Konig von Ungarn


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