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The Medical Marvel Strikes Again


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The Medical Marvel Strikes Again

Alright, since I’ve been laying low I thought a small explanation was in order. In true medical unicorn fashion I am back with a ridiculously random yet equally annoying medical update. Why do I feel like I’m turning into that person that every time you run into them they have another weird medical issue. Trust me when I say I’m not loving this in anyway but feel like I should explain where I disappeared off to! Also, in the slime chance there is someone reading this who has similar issues going on I like sharing so people know they aren’t alone. None stop doctors appointments can you make you feel blah and lonely.

Any who, back to the current situation… Due to my stents I have in place it was decided that I take a blood thinners for the rest of my life. When you are taking medications like these there are always risks and side effects that may occur. That being said the doctors found that I currently have an internal hematoma. The blood thinners were basically feeding it so it was not getting smaller, only bigger. For those who are not familiar a hematoma is basically a pooling of blood inside your body. They don’t feel good, trust me. In order to stay out of the hospital I’ve been placed on mandatory bedrest, which means no activities such as working out and absolutely no lifting of my little man. Its only been about a week and it is SO HARD! As a stay at home mom its a really crappy feeling when you can’t be home alone with your kiddo. So I eat a lot of crap, watch a lot of Netflix and cry a lot hahaha

Once again my ridiculously amazing family and our nanny have really had to step up. We are a tiny bunch but they are ALWAYS there. My mom has been coming with me to all my appointments, Michael has redone his work schedule completely to be home in the mornings to help with Grey, and my sister in law literally came over and cleaned out my closet for me yesterday. I would be a lost cause without them.

So there you have it. As much as I wish I could write something more along the lines of “sorry I’ve been gone for the past week I was busy yachting in Europe” – this is it instead. I will admit that it took me a while to share because I was pretty busy having a solo pity party. I’m basically exhausted from going to doctors appointments and leaving with crappy news. I am fully aware that things can always be worse. I am snapping out of it and enjoying the extended floor time with my little guy. =)

Happy Monday, Friends! <3


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