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Favorite Treatment Under $100

Favorite Treatment Under $100

Between being pregnant and breastfeeding there was a huge chunk of time were I wasn’t able to do much at the MedSpa. Simple facials here and there for maintenance but not much else. However, I am coming back with a vengeance! I have been playing catch-up on all of my favorite treatments and realized, while browsing through the options, there was something simple I had never tried.

Believe it or not this was my first time doing dermaplanning. I’m in love. Quick. Easy. Painless. Under $100. ✅✅✅✅

dr. Michael Horn, Michael Horn Medspa

First off, let me start by saying, I had no idea I was a baby peach 🤦🏼‍♀️ What’s with all the facial fuzz!? The good news is…it’s gone. Along with it went the top layer of dead skin cells. Peace out ✌🏼The treatment left me absolutely glowing. It’s basically the hulk of exfoliating (I’m currently watching Thor: Ragnarok…hence the reference).Any who, I was slightly red but nothing drastic at all. Above are my immediate before (left) and after (right) photographs.

medusa, doctor Michael horn center, Chicago blogger

The whole process was around 30min and off I went with my new skin cell layer! You can pair this up with a same day facial and have your skin writing you thank you’s and love notes. ❤️ They recommend monthly for this but I am sure you could stretch the time in-between if necessary.

dr. Michael Horn, Chicago

More of my summer must have treatments to come! Make sure you are signed up for my subscription email update so you don’t miss any of the information =)


  1. Tiffany
    June 25, 2018 / 11:35 pm

    I’m curious to know how the hair grows back.. at all prickly or sticking out weird until it lays flat? Please write an update when you know :))

    • JillianHorn
      June 27, 2018 / 9:16 pm

      I’m at three weeks today and so far so good. The fuzzies are slowly coming back (insert eye roll) but nothing prickly or weird thus far! I will let you know if this changes =)

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