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Toddler Gift Guide


Toddler Gift Guide

First off I hope everyone had a chance to checkout my His & Hers Gift Guide I did last week! Secondly, I’m really bad at waiting to give Grey his gifts so I can recommend a lot of these because, well he’s already opened them and is playing with them. I tried to include a wider age range. Some are great for kids a little younger and some he isn’t quite into yet but is getting there. As a relatively new mom I feel like there is always that guilt or worry that your kid is keeping up with all the other kids. Does he know colors, and shapes, and animal noises. Blah blah blah. With that being said I was always looking for gifts to help with the learning side of things. However, these aren’t always his favorite type of toys so theres a mix of ‘educational’ and ‘fun’ shared below! Also, you may notice a lot of cleaning toys lol … I duno if its just my kid but for right now these are his all time favorite types of toys!

1. Color and Shape Sorter. This is a favorite of mine! It not only teaches him shapes, but numbers and colors. Its VERY reasonably priced and so simple. Why didn’t I invent something like this? It’s made by Melissa & Doug which is one of my go to toy purchase companies. They have great quality products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I would say this is good for around 12months. Be prepared to constantly hunt down the pieces haha.

2. Dyson Vacuum. So if you follow my IG stories I’m sure you have seen Grey roaming around the house with his toy vacuum on the daily. It’s his favorite. Once I discovered that Dyson made a REAL vacuum for kids I was on it! Let the chore chart start. Huge shoutout to the roughly 20plus people that sent me this suggestion! I love it and so does little man.

3. Kids Car. Since he isn’t quite ready for the drive yourself version this is the perfect little car for exploring the neighborhood or walks to the park. It’s a little more entertaining than just sitting in his stroller and I think he feels like he’s driving it himself a lot of the time haha. Whatever keeps him happy.

4. Kids Trampoline. My nephew, Dylan, has one of these and it is Grey’s go to whenever we are at his house. He doesn’t actually jump. It’s more of a hold on tight while stomping one foot and smiling really big. This we haven’t given to him yet. I’m actually saving it for Christmas. Mainly because my mom got it for him and it’s at her house. Either way. Christmas gift I know he’ll love!

5. Cleaning Set. Once again I’m not sure when the cleaning obsession started but it is strong. Therefore, this is a Grey favorite. He was constantly carrying around our giant Swiffer and knocking everything over in his path so this is a safer and more manageable version for him.

6. Magnetic Shapes. This is another unopened Christmas gift but I thought they would be great to help with colors and shapes. I’m also pretty positive he’ll be intrigued by the magnetic concept.

7. Play Cube. I love toys like this because not only is he learning but its keeping him busy for long periods of time. Right when he starts to get bored by it he’ll just turn it and BAM a whole new side to learn from! Once again it has educational aspects which makes this mama happy!

8. Coloring. We are stilling working on the “please don’t eat the crayon” but overall this is a great distraction for whenever I am trying to work on something. If I have a pen and paper guess who immediately needs one as well. Insert coloring distraction. The jumbo size coloring book is great since he basically just draws lines across the page. Melissa & Doug also make an easel that is paper, dry erase, and magnetic all in one! All linked below.

9. Color Sorting Bears. This little game is fun to gather up all the colors and put them into their matching cup! Also, the fact that they are bear shaped is very exciting to Grey.

10. SpinAgain. I don’t know what it is about this thing but it would keep Grey busy for long chunks of time, which is rare and amazing. It was a gift for his first birthday he’s loved it ever since. I would recommend for tiny humans younger than him for sure. We have currently reached a point where now he just walks away waving the stick like a weapon. We’re working on that.

11. Activity Tree. This is great for kiddos to play with either sitting or standing! Which is perfect for my little man who is constantly on the go. He can sit and take a load off or quickly come and play for a bit before running into the other room to try and destroy everything.

12. Animal Puzzle. This is great for shape matching, sounds, and learning animals! Anything with noises is usually a winner in keeping his attention for longer than 5 seconds. The fact that its fun and colorful is also a huge perk!

I’m tagging a few other great options below including a train set, more cleaning fun toys, and a little tiny piano. Hope these ideas where helpful for the tiny humans in your life! Here’s to anything and everything that keeps them entertained so you can accomplish the little things like peeing in private or loading the dishwasher. Happy Holidays! Be sure to head over and check out my His & Hers Gift Guide for that special someone!


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