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Top Five Year End Goals 

Top Five Year End Goals

Dr. Michael Horn

Since it is already October (how did that happen!?) I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve before the year ends. What goals do I have for myself for what is left of 2018 …both personal and professional? When I started thinking about writing this I immediately had five ‘goals’ that popped into my head.

  1. Partnerships. With my blogging I would love to gain more brand partnerships. I love the work that I am doing and really want to see it grow. I feel like developing those relationships with certain brands would really help me achieve this and would give me such a strong sense of pride to see that expansion happening.
  2. Deep clean my house. Isn’t this everyones constant goal? I want to just purge. Everything. I want to open a cabinet and be able to see everything thats in there and have it neatly organized. Oh to dream. We have a lot of house and I think over the years I have gotten into the habit of just “storing it all in the basement”. Well folks, the basement is sending out an SOS. The time has come. I need to go through those easter decorations from five years ago ect. I need to decide just how many Christmas tree ornaments are enough. This is a task and a half but a much needed one.
  3. Yoga. When I was pregnant with Grey I started doing yoga for the first time and honestly fell in love with practice. Not only did my body feel better but my mind. I knowwwwww that sounds so cheesy. I feel like my friend Michelle and my SIL are both smirking at this right now. Yep… called you out. Honestly though, I would feel so calm and carefree after leaving a yoga class. It’s been over six months and I am wanting to get back into a better yoga practice routine and hopefully gain back that mental clarity that came with it.
  4. Stay ahead of the holidays. I tell myself every year that I will NOT wait until the last minuet to purchase, wrap and send out our Christmas presents. EVERY. FLIPPING. YEAR. Yet somehow I am always that person paying for expedited shipping on December 22nd. This is my year! (If not theres always next year). But I really want to stay on top of it and then I can maybe just sit back and enjoy the holidays a little more.
  5. Health. My biggest and most heartfelt wish, or goal, of the remaining year is to try for another perfect tiny human. However, I want nothing more than for this to come with good health for us both. I had a pretty decent pregnancy with Greyson, it was more so the issues towards the end that have left me with a pit in my stomach I can’t shake. Michael and I would love to have children but more importantly I want to be around to see them. We have an amazing team of doctors we are working with so fingers crossed for a girl but another little Grey is always more than welcome <3

Let the count down begin…


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  1. Leslie
    October 11, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    ::Smirking:: LOL JK I support your healthy, yoga goals!

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