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Update Time

Update Time

Alright I felt like it was ‘update time’ since I have officially announced my pregnancy (woohoo!). Michael and I are so excited to have another little one on the way but I am such a sharer so those first 14weeks were hard to keep to myself! Obviously, my family and close friends knew but I like to wait until the second trimester to share the news. I actually am very low key my entire first trimester. I won’t get massages or do any of my other ‘normal’ appointments, like the chiropractor, until after that first trimester window. I don’t know why. We’ll call it personal preference. I just really want to give baby enough time to dig in and get comfortable haha. As OVER THE MOON as we are about the baby it does come with some concerns since I am high risk.

Directly after my complications from last time I was told it was not recommended to have anymore pregnancies. Needless to say I was devastated. After several more appointments a plan was made and it was decided I could, and would, be able to carry more kiddos! BAM here we are! Between all my doctors each wanting to see me monthly I feel like I am at someones office once a week. However, whatever is safe for babe and me I am willing to do. Another win of this is I get to check in on the baby a lot! I’ll never turn down an ultrasound. Going in for appointments are still a touchy experience for me. I was treated for PTSD after everything that happened last time but at this point I have more positive appointments under my belt than negative so each time gets better and better. Still a work in progress though and nothing I am ashamed or scared to discuss! =)

I didn’t have any morning sickness this time, or with Grey either. Woot woot! I haven’t had any crazy cravings but when I decide I want something I will climb mountains to fulfill that dream hahaha. Also, once I eat whatever I’ve been thinking about, it taste so unbelievably good its scary. Example, I was thinking about avocado toast all day. I came home and made said avocado toast. I then sat and cried while eating it because it was SO GOOD. hahahaha. TRUE STORY. Cried. Actual tears of happiness. Please tell me there are other ladies who are pregnant or have been pregnant and understand what I’m talking about?!? No? Just me? I can’t explain it. I didn’t make it any different or do anything special it was just filling some pregnancy lady dream inside of me and man it was glorious. Don’t worry, Michael filmed it (insert eye roll).

I was pretty spacey and forget the last time I was pregnant with but this time is a whole new level. WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. Michael put a tracker on my car keys, because I keep loosing them, and the other day we found them locked in the trunk of my car. Why? How? Not a clue. I also ran into the garage door. Yup. Drove into a closed garage door. All of that being said I am just trying to stay organized and make checklists galore lol… I’m a forgetful mess.

Besides the pregnancy Grey also started, part-time, at a daycare/preschool. I wanted to get him started somewhere for a lot of reasons. Social skills, build up that immunity, and make some friends just to name a few. So far, so good(ish). Drop-off is still a touchy subject for us both. He isn’t a huge fan of the moment when I have to leave but the teachers assure me its a quick upset that ends as soon as they show him all, or any, toy trucks. Its still only our first week but I think the school, in general, is a great fit! I didn’t want to make Grey sit through doctors appointments with me every week so this give me some time to do those things and him a place to get some of that energy out! Little mans world is about to change come May but at least he’ll have a consistent, school.

Thanks for reading along about our update! We are so excited about 2019 and for our growing family!


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