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What I’m Thankful For

What I’m Thankful For


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With the holidays fast approaching I think its important to really take a step back from all the craziness and focus on all the good in your life. Things you are thankful for. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the everyday I forget to really step back and appreciate all the good. All my blessings. This year, in particular, there are definitely many things I am thankful for. A roof over our heads, food in our fridge and clean clothes for us all are often the little things that get over looked but these items are not there for some. I’m also taking this year to truly appreciate my family, my little guy and our health.

  1. Family. This is a big one lately. I feel that as a kid/adolescent you really take family for granted and can be so focused on spending time with friends instead. I have learned to truly love and appreciate the family nights that we have. I am fortunate enough to have a chunk of family close by so every Sunday we do a family dinner with Michael’s sister, her husband and their son, my mom, my aunt (if she’s in town) and my grandpa. This little Sunday family dinner has easily become my favorite day of the week. Time goes so quickly and I love spending it with them.
  2. Motherhood. Michael and I wanted nothing more than to be parents and even when it took longer than expected we fought to make sure we had a tiny human =) Everyday spent with Grey is unique, exciting and something I truly love.  Even on the long exhausting days haha. Motherhood is my favorite adventure. It opens your heart to a whole new kind of love and understanding. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I loved every minute of my pregnancy but I also never want to take that for granted. I feel very fortunate to have carried my healthy little guy for 9months. For that, I am thankful.
  3. Health. This I can’t stress enough. I’m not going to go into my whole story of my health scare when I had Grey but I still have a lot of leftover and mixed emotions from it. It has left me just grateful that I am here to see my little man grow up. To see him walk. To see him talk. To see him reaching all of his milestones. No amount of money in the world can promise you tomorrow so health is a big thankful item for me! With that being said this extends over to my family. Having a healthy family and little man is something I wish to never take for granted.
  4. Our nanny. I know… haha. But really! I’ve have a lot of questions about our nanny situation so I thought I’d just throw it out there. We have one fantastic nanny that is a full time college student part-time Greyson’s best friend. Its a very nerve-racking feeling to leave your baby with someone you just met but from day one she has been a great fit! She keeps me sane and balanced and puts a smile on little mans face. What else could you ask for? Now if only she wanted to drop out of school and stay with us forever…! I kid. Kinda.
  5. Michael. I don’t know what type of saintly behaviors I had in a previous life to have found and married a guy like Doc Horn but I am not complaining. He is patient, kind and always puts his family first. The littlest of things that most people wouldn’t think of… he does. He’s the best father to Grey and I can barely get him to change out of his suit from work before he starts playing with him and helping me out. I am most thankful for this fella and everything he has brought to my life.
  6. My mom. I know I touched on family but I think my mom needs a separate shoutout. There are days, many days, where I call her in a pinch and need help with Grey and she is here. She never complains she’s just shows up. He loves his JuJu and a lot of days I think we’d both be lost without her in our corner. Its amazing to have her so close. Its amazing to have her willing to always help. But its truly amazing to watch Grey have such a bond with her.

With all of that lovely mushy stuff being said I wanted to take a quick second to say that its okay to not be thrilled for the holidays. Maybe its your first holiday without a certain loved one. Maybe you family lives far so you won’t be able to see them. Maybe you just aren’t feeling it. Thats okay. Just take a minute to think of something, big or small, that you are thankful for and remember that feeling. Wishing everyone a happy turkey day! Stay tuned to see how the deep frying of the bird goes!



  1. Mom
    November 20, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    My favorite blog by far. I see you being selfless And putting grey’s needs before yours and that’s kinda the definition of being a mom. Some people never get what a priviedge it is to be a mom but it is. I’m so happy that you get that! It means I did a good job. Love you to the moon and back!

  2. Leslie Marsh
    November 22, 2018 / 10:18 am

    Thankful for you and our loving, silly, incredible family <3

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