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What’s In My Hospital Bag

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What’s In My Hospital Bag

When I was pregnant with Greyson I went into my doctors office at 35weeks for pain. They sent me straight to the hospital from the office because they were convinced I had a kidney stone. Welp, SURPRISE! It was an 18in blood clot. I was immediately admitted and had nothing with me. Not only did I have nothing with me I had nothing even packed and ready at home. There were a lot of facetime calls between my mom and I as she tried to gather items for me. I was there for almost 3weeks so trust me when I say there were A LOT of facetime calls haha… Not this time folks! I am determined to be prepared.

I will say, in general, less is more when it comes to packing your hospital bag. The hospital was really great about giving me a ton of supplies post baby. However, I am a scheduled c-section and am in the hospital for a bit so I would love to have some comforts of my own from home. That being said, my list is probably a little longer than a mom who is going in and leaves 48hrs later! The big thing is that with either birth, c-section or vaginal, I wouldn’t bring anything to wear that you REALLY love, is light colored or expensive. Main reasons being hospital germs (ick), bleeding, milk leakage and newborn spit up. Thats a lot of ‘stuff’ to stain or ruin clothes… trust me haha.

As a first time mom when I had Grey he had WAY to many newborn outfits. I quickly learned that even with the cutest of outfits he was swaddled up tight and sleeping most of the day anyway. Don’t get me wrong. Baby sister has a solid collection of newborn outfits but I decided to go more the route of extra blankets as obsessed to a billion outfits she will outgrow in 10min.


-Phone Charger
-Computer/Computer Charger to watch movies (Recently I was informed that the tv’s at Prentice are compatible with firestick as well so you can always bring that!)
-Postpartum Binder (they should give you one at the hospital if you have a c-section but I also bring my own just in case)
*I use this one
-High Waisted compression leggings
*I have these and the ones linked below… anything high waisted.
-Pajama Dress (anything with buttons is great for breastfeeding access)
-Comfy Tops (again… anything that easily pull down or has buttons)
*I love this cooling racerback tank
-Makeup Remover Wipes
-Face Wash/Toiletry Bag
-Dry Shampoo
-C-Section Under Garments
-Nursing Bra
-Pumping Bra (I don’t bring my own pump because they will give you one to use there but I bring my bra so I can hook it up and be handsfree)
-Nursing Pads
-Depends/Pads (There is still bleeding even though I have c-sections and these are the best for that!)
-Gifts for Grey (we are doing a gift for Grey, something small, that is from baby sister when he comes to visit/meet her for the first time in the hospital)


Matching outfit with me (obviously haha)
-Swaddle Blankets
-A Couple Outfits (I do onesies that have built in little mittens and feet so baby stays warm and less to pack)
*I LOVE these for baby especially in the hospital
-Warm Coming Home Outfit


-Sweater (After having Grey I. WAS. HOT. I kept the room at like 60degrees so I pack warm clothes for Michael)
-Phone Charger
-Toiletry Bag

See You SOON Baby Sister !!! <3 <3











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