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Why I Love Halloween

Why I Love Halloween

Holidays, in general, are my absolute favorite! I love to go as far out as possible. Finding decor and food that are specific for each one is always so fun. However, add in costume and dressing up and it’s basically a dream day for me!

My girlfriends in college, specifically one (shoutout to Allison), are huge Halloween fans. I think this really amped up my love of the day. We use to get really into group costumes and every year I find myself still wanting to “top last year.” For the past 4years Michael and I have done matching costumes because…well have you met me? If I make the man wear matching tee shirts for Disney you best believe we are going to coordinate on Halloween. Also, who are we kidding. I don’t “make” Michael do anything. He equally, if not more, loves this stuff!

Halloween themed foods get harder and harder every year because my family gets healthier and healthier (cough cough juju and Leslie)… Boo to you guys! Bring back the days of Frankenstein cake! That being said I’ve found some healthier options that still fit the occasion. The fruit option is not only easy but healthy. I just add mini chocolate chips to the bananas and strawberries to make a ghost face and then put a small slice of celery into a clementine for a pumpkin stem! So simple. Another east option is to add eye balls or fingers to an ice tray. Plop these freaky cubes into peoples drinks on halloween and its always a guaranteed conversation starter. (Disclaimer- not real eyeballs and fingers. I don’t want to be responsible for something weird). I am NOT a baker but this cake was fairly simple. Just a simple sheet cake with a crap ton of icing. I used black licorice for the eyebrows and stitches.

Dressing up and trick or treating is just plain old good fashion fun. I love it. Now that I have Grey I love it even more. Everything becomes new and exciting when you get to watch it through your children’s eyes. I hope that when Grey is older he has nothing but amazing memories when it comes to holidays and his ‘over the top mom’ who tried to make them each special and unique. I have yet to crossover into the territory of being extra clever and doing homemade costumes but maybe someday. For now, you can find the Horns in some store bought coordinated gear with a house full of pumpkin treats and drinks with floating fingers in them. Also, lets not forget the GIANT spider web I put up every year that goes from our roof into our front yard. Too much? Never.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!



  1. Leslie
    October 31, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    You bring out the kid in all of us! Thanks for creating the best family memories <3

  2. Allison
    November 2, 2018 / 10:23 am

    Awesome!!!! I love our Halloween memories. You rocked that peacock and blue wig 😂 I bet the new homeowners of the Ramsey house are still trying to get glitter out of that carpet!!

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